Still stuck with the same old ticketing system?

Know how Real-time Chat Support is a better alternative to Traditional Customer Support Software

Instant replies are better than delayed responses

Ticketing system is time-consuming and customers lose interest by the time they get replies. Real-time chat overcomes this challenge by providing live chat support.

Handle more customers

Majority of the tickets have quick solutions. In ticketing systems, all issues, big or small consume the same time whereas with real-time chat, you are able to resolve maximum issues in minimum time

While cutting down on Cost

FuguDesk does not require you to linearly increase your support staff for rapidly growing organisation. Thus, FuguDesk becomes the most suitable and cost effective support system for any business.

Personalized replies over machine replies

Customers like interacting with humans rather than machines. With real-time chat, customers are able to get personalized experience seeing agent’s name and picture while interacting.

Value your customer’s privacy

Real-time chat support doesn’t require customers’ email unlike ticketing systems. FuguDesk gives a unified experience by keeping your support inside your product rather than keeping it over mails.

What our clients say

Chinmay Agarwal

Operational Officer, Jugnoo

We, at Jugnoo value our customers the most. With Freshdesk as Jugnoo’s customer support, we faced challenges in updating orders in real-time which lead to bad customer experience. Moreover, it was not value for money so we switched to FuguDesk for its real-time chat support. We saw a significant improvement in conversions and number of cancelled orders decreased by almost 37%.

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