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Navigation and
Automated driving

Global aerial and
Satellite imagery

Flight maps provide one of the best aerial and satellite imagery for online mapping platforms with global coverage imagery. Along with this an additional feature of Panaromas from the street level is also being provided.

Forward and reverse geocoding

With the dynamic feature of geocoding and reverse geocoding, you can pin point a specific address or place, or find an address or place that is at a specific location.

Support for Various
Data Formats

Flight maps makes it easy to import data in various common spatial file formats such as CSV, XML and many more.


Flight maps provides one of the fastest routing engines available and provides public transit directions from thousands of transit authorities. Easily calculate directions for driving, walking and public transit between up to 25 locations.

Batch Geocoding

Fligh Maps provides a service for passing in up to 200,000 rows of data at once to be forward or reverse geocoded. The service will then take this data and process it on our servers and return the data as a single file. This significantly reduces the time, bandwidth and the number of requests your application would use to geocode large volumes of data. Many enterprise customers connect this service to their databases.

and Reports

Gain insights into how many transactions your application is consuming from the various APIs and services.

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