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Delivery management software for lockdown 2.0

By Tanvir Singh 27th November 2020

Organizations, while still trying to get a grip on the virus, have established the fundamentals of the new normal. This new normal entails an entirely different academic and work approach followed by a rapid transition from conventional to digital business models. 

With a new world order in place, industries everywhere are scrambling to find the right technology to serve customers from all places at all times. They now need the best remote-working technology to keep the operations running, right from retail, food, groceries, home services, healthcare, telecom, fitness to everything that concerns us today. 

Covid-proof dispatch technology steps up to the crisis

Dispatch technology, as we know, has extensively helped businesses from witnessing a complete downfall in the past few months. The best part about the on-demand industry is its assimilation of covid-proof features that gave businesses a way ahead amidst the pandemic fears. 

Contactless delivery solutions, excellent tracking and communication channels along with instant on-demand service apps became a haven for industries, worldwide. The dispatch technology was not only a huge relief during the first lockdown, but it also seems to have the right functionalities to battle the second wave of coronavirus that has recently hit the European borders. 

In this article, we will talk about one excellent covid-proof technology that qualifies all sorts of business requirements- Tookan. Business survival in the second wave can only be possible if you have a system with impeccable functionalities at your disposal. 

So, if you own any business that requires advanced scheduling and monitoring, here’s why this is the perfect time to make a switch. 

Top reasons why Tookan should power your business model in Lockdown 2.0

Contactless Delivery 

The pandemic called for strict social distancing norms. With a contactless delivery model, customers can get everything delivered to their doorstep. 

Tookan, in addition to contactless delivery options, lets customers use third-party money apps for making payments online. This eliminates the need to get in direct human contact. By promoting contactless deliveries, Tookan has effectively kept people from venturing out of their houses for supplies. 

  • Advanced Home Delivery 

We’ve certainly heard of contactless delivery options, but getting a drone to deliver essentials at your doorstep is something completely out of the box. Junglework’s response to the home quarantine measures was quite astounding. The TIDA drone delivery system offers a comprehensive drone solution that serves multiple industries, globally. 

The art of scheduling like no other 

The efficacy of any business depends on how well it is organized, scheduled, and monitored. Instead of random sampling, Tookan takes multiple factors into account to assign the right person for the right job. 

Everything is handled with the touch of a few buttons. It integrates driver schedules and manages shifts as per the employees’ availability and skills. 

Customer Wallet 

Tookan makes the payment process way easier with its e-wallet, to which customers can simply add money once and settle all payments easily. The app also extends credit to its customers via the money wallet. 

However, customers who are selected for an extended limit need to clear the outstanding amount on every billing cycle. Money wallet eases the usability factor, gives you control over your payment system, and replaces the need for entering credit card details on every purchase.

50+ Payment Gateways 

Tookan lets its customers pay in the way they want. It has integrated some of the best payment gateways around the world. So if customers don’t wish to add money to the wallet, they can simply pick any payment gateway such as Paytm, Paypal, etc. The swift and convenient payment options for business transactions have minimized the use of cash for safety purposes. 

Launch your online business in a day

It’s surprising to see how businesses that took forever to open up or services that we never thought could reach our doorstep, everything started during the pandemic. The global lockdowns and pandemic fears kept people from reaching the physical store. 

The alarming need to go online convinced business owners to search for instant online business apps. Tookan promises to set up your online presence in a day. It’s simple to use and even easier to set up, the two things that we need the most right now. 

Tookan Logistics 

The delivery management app without a live tracking feature is a definite no-no for today’s customers and business owners. Tookan Logistics lets you automate, live-track, and monitor deliveries from one place to another. 

It aims at efficient hub management which maximizes speed, enhances quality, and minimizes cost. In times of complete shutdown, we needed a system to monitor the end-to-end journey of the task to ensure that everyone in the delivery cycle is well-informed on every action. 

Smart Capacity Management 

The need for on-demand services has seen an upward trend in recent months, which means more employees and complex logistics. Smart capacity management has numerous benefits for your business in times like these. 

Tookan assigns jobs based on the capacity of every agent. This means that tasks will only be assigned to a particular agent if he meets the sufficient capacity criteria. 

This also prevents overhauling of transportation or allocating deliveries beyond the agent’s capacity. Every task completed or removed has to be updated on the Tookan software, based on which the available capacity against every agent is updated. 

Route Optimization 

The deliveries ever since the global lockdowns have become increasingly complex, given substantial growth in online orders from the same areas. The route optimization feature reduces operational costs and saves time by picking the most efficient route for drivers and agents. Multi-stop routes have also become manageable.

Manage your deliveries from all places 

Tookan offers three different app interfaces for agents, managers, and customers that minimize the need for any direct orders. Everything can be seen or organized from the app itself. 

The agent app is responsible for automated dispatching and route optimization for delivery agents. The mobile workforce dashboard monitors the activities of on-field personnel that leads to better workforce productivity. 

Last, but the most important, the customer app that tracks orders for customers or provides consumer-centric facts and figures to improve the process efficiency. The three interfaces collectively build an impeccable delivery management system. 

Power your business model in days 

Whether you’re about to take a well-established business online or thinking about starting a new one, Tookan has some amazing on-demand technologies in store for you. The dispatch technology has saved every industry by helping them get an expansive online reach during the pandemic. 

The education and corporate sectors, for instance, exemplify a major paradigm shift. This makes us all the more confident in its abilities to power all business ideas in the future phases of coronavirus. 

While some of the popular use cases are food, retail, transportation, taxi service, healthcare, grocery, etc, we’re certain that Tookan won’t fail to power any business idea.

Is it time to make a switch? 

With most people stuck at home, businesses worldwide at some point have had to strengthen their online presence. However, simply setting up the website with a payment mechanism will no longer suffice, unlike the pre-pandemic times. 

Customers are now expecting same-day or even same-hour delivery of supplies and food. To thrive in such challenging markets, industries have had no other option but to choose the right dispatching software.

Tookan definitely sets a precedent for the on-demand industry and with a free 14-day trial and simple pricing, it is worth a shot. 

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