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Our solution helps you in smoothening delivery operations
by advanced route optimisation , automated task assignment,
real-time tracking and powerful analytics

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19k+ Clients Worldwide 7 Million+ Monthly Transactions 266K+ Agents

Last MileDelivery Management

Tookan's robust tech helps you in streamlining delivery operations and enhancing user experience. Across the world, Tookan is catering to all sort of on-demand businesses

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Data Security

Host your data in a private cloud. We are GDPR, HIPAA, PCI compliant

Less Time to Market

With our advanced tech go live with your project in weeks

Flexible and Scalable

Customise UI/UX and scale up when required as per your business needs

Tailor-Made for You

Deeply connect your Ordering Front, SMS or Payment Gateways, accounting software or inventory management with our flexible API.

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Our Platform is Battle Tested

We ensure nothing can go wrong during business hours. Our world class APIs, stability and premium security makes Tookan the best choice for enterprises.

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We don't Sleep

Get premium account manager who will cater to all your queries around the clock. Talk in your language and advise on a solution that is suitable for you.

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Talk in Your Customer's Language

Launch your business wherever you want in any of the 92+ supported languages and Global Integrated payment solutions.

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Let us deliver together!

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