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The Art of Scheduling, Perfected Tookan Style

By Manav Kambli 25th October 2016

Every business is dependent on the efficiency of its employees, or operators.

Their availability and schedules determine how well your enterprise will work. What if we could optimize this workflow for you to another level?  

Integrating Tookan with Driver Schedules. Synergize your employees’ timings. Manage their shifts as per availability. Plan in advance for the week, or the month. All with the touch of a few buttons on our powerful dashboard.

Continuous Evolution

new feature updates

If you’ve done us the gracious service of trawling through our blog, then you probably know about the various ways in which Tookan can help you optimize your business.

If we were to simply recap: Tookan is a powerful online platform that lets you manage workflow, track your employees’ progress and provides business analytics that provide ways to help your business surge ahead.

Tookan is a continuously evolving software: we do not claim to be the perfect package that solves anything and everything. That being said, we would like to be – and we believe in integrating new add-ons and features toward that vision of perfection.

Introducing Availability

In most conventional businesses, scheduling and such is often done with the tedious excel sheet – while it may enable organization, it is simply too cluttered. Moreover, its automation capabilities are too low, and you spend much of your precious time carefully making schedules when you’d rather be doing something else.

You could also leave the scheduling to a dedicated individual, or a group of them – but again, onboarding or making someone do this would be an additional waste of resources.

No matter how you examine the scheduling problem, most conventional methods fall short in terms of giving you the right effort to efficiency ratio. In that vein, we introduce to you our new feature, a powerful scheduling tool for Tookan – termed Availability.

Synergize your workflow

With our easy to use mobile app, you can now manage the schedules of your workforce with the touch of a few buttons.

You can give your employees the flexibility of managing their schedules by entering their availability timings, which enables you to make management decisions on the fly.

If you’re a logistics based business, this is an added advantage. Not only can you optimize your driver routes in real time based on their availability, you can adjust their schedules accordingly and keep delivery smooth.

Foresight is important. With this tool, you can plan for the week, or for the month depending on your employee availability and keep track of whether the schedules are maintained or not.

All of these things give your employee the freedom to manage their work schedules well in advance, plan for the leaves they may intend to take and in turn, you make your operation more efficient. You also avoid over or under-paying your employees since your scheduling and its fulfilment dictates that.

Availability also automates reminders and other notices to employees pertaining to their schedules. Employees can receive updates via SMS or other media, helping them stay on top of their game. Knowing when to work and when to take the needed break is equally important.

The crucial aspect of this is that Tookan integrates real-time decisions with predetermined ones, and this dynamic gives you an added advantage that most businesses do not possess.


All in all, Availability is another step toward revolutionizing the workplace. The efficient, timely and adaptive management of your workforce is an essential component of any successful business – and we value that more than most.

For an in-depth understanding of this feature and Tookan itself, you can always connect with us, and we will be more than happy to have an insightful discussion with you.

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