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Top Last mile Delivery Companies to Watch out for Top Notch Fulfilment

By Shilpi Chhabra 25th May 2021

Last-mile delivery has always been the talk of the town in the world of contentment. Here in this article, you will learn about the top last mile delivery companies you should opt for. Today’s consumers expect rapid and accurate shipping irrespective of the online platform they choose to shop from.

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, eCommerce sales continue to speed up new challenges in offering a positive last mile logistics experience for digital shoppers.

In North America alone, last mile logistics and same-day delivery is projected to surpass US$50 Bn by 2022. From the delivery period to customer interaction and parcel tracking, expectations are only climbing higher.f

As technology progresses and even more consumers’ preferences switch to this path. The last leg of logistics is one of the most critical and challenging aspects of supply chain management.

Having said that, choosing the ideal last mile delivery partner for your business can be tricky. Worry no more. We have rounded up a detailed list of last-mile delivery companies to make things easier for you. Read along to know more.


FedEx provides at-home delivery solutions for time-constrained packages through FedEx Same day. Users can sign up to use exclusively for same-day services round the clock. Moreover, the last mile delivery giant offers the Same day Freight services for goods weighing over 150 lbs.

While the standard service includes drivers dropping packages off at a residence’s first point of entry, the premium service includes the white glove treatment of transporting products to the customers’ room of choice, unwrapping the boxes, and probably assembling the products (if required).

FedEx is keeping up with industry trends. It tests and employs leading-edge solutions such as AI, computer-assisted vehicles, drones, and robotics. The last mile courier is ideal for businesses. It deals in retail, technology, eCommerce, healthcare, and consumer goods in over 220 countries and territories.


Postmates is pretty much top brass at the moment. Its objective of “delivering anything on-demand” sums up its business framework.

Launched nearly a decade back, Postmates has entirely transformed the way customers receive general products. It makes it possible to deliver almost any domestic product to their homes within an hour. Postmates does this by connecting consumers with the local delivery guys as per the location of the parcel they wish to get delivered to.

Postmates also staves off wait times and offers small enterprises a slim chance to compete against established retailers. The last mile courier is ideal for local enterprises whose consumers look for on-demand delivery, for instance, restaurants, retail, office supply companies, and pharmacies. You name it, and Postmates will help you with the delivery.

Starship Technologies

Founded by the co-founders of Skype, Starship Technologies is one of the most prominent last-mile delivery startups at present. Its self-driving robots have been designed with the idea to change the way customers receive their products.

Akin to Postmates, customers download a mobile app and place an order for an item at their location to be delivered to them. A robot is then dispatched to complete the delivery, which the customers can track on the app.

These self-driving robots currently have a range of about 4 miles, weigh below 100 lbs, and can complete deliveries in less than 30 minutes. Talking about speed, these robots move at pedestrian speed. They are developed with safety at the centre and built to navigate around people and objects. For security, the cargo inlet stays locked throughout the journey. It can only be opened by the customers with their mobile app.

This last mile delivery model is advantageous for small or traffic-prone locations, given their compact size and lack of need for a driver.


During the 2017 holiday season, UPS (United Parcel Service) grappled with delivering the parcels to its customers on time due to excess volume, which upset its high-volume retail partners – Walmart and Macy’s.  

Apart from the usual ground and 2 days transportation, UPS provides an assortment of urgent and same-day delivery solutions with UPS Express Critical. Options consist of Surface, Air, Hand Carry, and International, to name a few, as per the sender’s shipment requirements.

Further, UPS has entered some pretty innovative spaces including, AI, drone delivery services, and electric-driven cargo tricycles that curb emissions and traffic congestion.

The last mile delivery company is a perfect fit for businesses in healthcare, retail, tech, eCommerce, and industrial products.


Matternet takes a whole different approach to address the challenges of last-mile logistics, by changing how they travel the mile itself – taking the aerial route. Their drone deliveries have made it possible by combining cloud software, smart drones, and safe landing depots, all programmed to a user-friendly smartphone app.   

Matternet enables businesses across continents. They make set up and run drone delivery networks for couriers transporting products on-demand, via the air, at a fraction of the cost, time, and energy of any other existing transportation approach. Further, it has already teamed up with UPS  to leverage the latter’s drone services.

Final Words

There is no single last mile delivery company that makes a clean sweep in the entire supply chain management. While there are many options, it boils down to looking for the perfect match for your business’s specific requirements.

If you are an urban grocery shop serving local consumers, the ideal solution for you is perhaps not going to be the same as it is for a countrywide retailer with rural and urban delivery options.

Understanding your business needs now and imagine how these needs will transform over the years ahead. It will help you when it comes to roping in a last-mile service.

If you’re looking to manage your own last-mile deliveries then try out our last-mile delivery solution, Tookan. With advanced fleet tracking and route optimization, Tookan helps you automate dispatch and manage your fleet efficiently.

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