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Evolving Transportation Capacity Management: The sustainable edge!

By Diksha Yadav 20th July 2020

Manage task assignments according to agent or vehicle capacity. Smart Capacity Management!

With the ‘explosion’ of the e-commerce industry, it is now imperative for logistics managers to creatively find and manage capacity for the exponential amount of trucks needed to make deliveries to/from warehouses, stores and customers’ homes.

Retailers, distributors, suppliers, and manufacturers need innovative and robust capacity solutions to beat the competition and create a sustainable edge.

Capacity Management is best suited for on-demand businesses like e-commerce, parcel, food delivery, product delivery. If you are in these businesses, some important questions to ask are: 

  • Are you overhauling your transportation due to lack of capacity management solutions?
  • Are your drivers occupied beyond their capacity? 
  • Looking for auto-allocation of tasks to drivers with-in their capacity limits? 
  • Want smart capacity management for your business?

Don’t you worry now. Tookan has now got it covered for you with Tookan Capacity Management!

Tookan Capacity Management!

What is Tookan Capacity Management?

Capacity management by Tookan lets you define the capacity for every agent. Every task will have an associated capacity which can be defined while creating the task. Task capacity defined will be then mapped to agents who have sufficient capacity available at that time. Tasks will be auto-allocated to  agents satisfying sufficient capacity criteria.

Let’s better understand with the help of an example. Let’s say I have two agents A and B with capacity of 50 and 20 respectively. If I create a task with associated capacity of 30 then the auto allocation feature will check task capacity against both my agents. Task will be notified to agent A for he has sufficient capacity to complete the task. Smart Capacity Management!

But what if you want to have different capacities for different agents?  You can edit individual agents  and change their capacity in a few clicks! 

Agents can check their total and current available capacity from the agent app. Total and available capacity is updated with every task for both admin and agent.

The capacity of the agents will automatically decrease by the value of capacity associated with each task they accept. Once an agent completes the task, the capacity will be added back to available capacity.  

In case of manual assignment of tasks by admin, the agent will be able to accept the task only if he/she has the available capacity to serve that task. If they don’t have sufficient current capacity, then the agent has to complete existing tasks first to free up capacity in order to accept new tasks.

Obviously, we are taking an example to understand this. Let’s say James (your agent) has capacity of 100 and has accepted a task with capacity of 60. Left capacity with the driver? Yes, 40! Now, if a new task with a capacity of 50 is created then the agent can not accept it till he completes the previous task and free up his capacity to satisfy the new task.

Smart Capacity Management!

How does Capacity Management help your business?

  • Ensures safe delivery of products  through agents with sufficient capacity
  • Provides long-term sustainable edge over your competitors 
  • Reduces burden on admin and manager to manually check capacity of agents
  • Optimize agent productivity with smart capacity allocation

Smart capacity management is just a few clicks away! Start today: Tookan Capacity Management
Check out the Capacity Management Video

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