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Courier Delivery Software: Switching The Traditional Courier Delivery Services for Better

By Deepak Digwal 8th October 2020

The after-effects of pandemic outbursts are nerve-wracking. The world has witnessed overnight changes in standard ways of doing things. But as the famous quote says; 

Even in a bad situation, there’s always a positive side. Even if you can’t see it yet.

Looking at the current situation, we can relate to it. When many businesses face backlashes due to sudden lockdown, social distancing, and home quarantine announcements, a few of the companies are emerging as big players. Courier delivery service is one such prosperous use case that can turn you into a billionaire with minimal investment. 

Many of the existing delivery partners have transited their operations with courier delivery software. Do you know why? The traditional ways were not sufficient to overrule the current demands.

Today, the millennial and Gen Z are digital natives and prefer to sort things online. So, even if you are an old established player, you need to switch electrical. For instance, big players such as KFC, McDonald’s have laid their trust over a robust delivery platform. 

Here is a list of reasons that makes digital transition- a need to fit current market demands. 

Time is Money 

Courier services play a crucial role. Any mishandling or delay can create severe losses for the client and the company. Chances of such happenings are minimal if businesses get collaborated with the right technology. With the digital method, the goods are efficiently managed and also creates a database. It saves time for both the services provider and client. 

Earlier, the client has to search and bring products to the courier service providers. Now, they collect goods from the doorstep of the client.  

 Contactless delivery

Another benefit of turning digital is minimal human contact. The service provider collects the address and other delivery details online. It helps in reducing the hectic task of delivery agents too.

Even the payment for the services is collected through online gateways.

After scheduling, the good is collected from the doorstep of the consumer at a pre-decided time.

This method reduces the chances of CORONA as well as increases the efficiency of work. 

Live Tracking facility 

The biggest fear of your client remains the location of their goods. In the traditional method, one has to wait for the employees to update their status. But, the modern way is entrusted with the live tracking system and geo-analytics tools. It helps to track the product by a tracking number. 

This facility keeps the consumers satisfied and service providers out of any trouble.

Auto allocation of goods 

Unlike the traditional method, one does not have to roam in all the four directions. With the help of a platform like Tookan, the nearest employee is automatically allocated. It improves the work efficiency and goodwill of the firm and reduces the need for the workforce.

Payment Gateways

Platforms like Tookan provide numerous options for collecting payment. Now the trend of paying the hard cash is gone. To maintain social distancing and reduced human touch, online price is preferable. It reduces the mishandling of hard cash and leads to auto maintenance of payment records. Also, the entire amount is directly transferred to your account, keeping it safe.

Inventory Management

Modern technology can smartly manage the inventory. It finds the nearest agent and studies their current inventory. Based on the analysis, the agent is allocated with the order. This whole procedure is performed with minimum human interference. It helps in ensuring contactless last mile delivery.

Maintaining Public relations 

Maintaining good PR is difficult in the conventional method. 

An employee cannot remember every case and handle it. But, consumer grievances become easy to take up with the live chats

What are you waiting for! A platform that can help you create your online courier service software? If Yes, Then Tookan is the best answer for you.

Real- time problems solved with robust courier delivery services!

Let us compare a day of a courier service provider with and without courier delivery software!

Real- Time SituationWithout courier delivery softwareWith Courier delivery SoftwareOutcomes 
Bulk of courier parcels arrivalHalf of time goes in documenting parcelsIn no time, software manages inventorySoftware adds efficiency in less time
Parcels need to get deliveredFinding available agents,asking them to deliver on specific address- chances of mismanagement increases-Auto-allocation of connected task to best suited agent
-Geofencing to mark the high operational areas
Software adds efficiency in less manpower
When parcel is out for deliveryLong route, traffic congestion, customer queries and many more-Track real-time position of agents,with proper route optimization,-Give an accurate ETA to your customersSoftware adds performance of agents and earns more customer satisfaction
When parcel reaches to your customersDelivery agent struggles to update status verbally, keeps on -E-proof of delivery via images and signatures- Customer verificationSoftware adds excellence in ways of delivering courier to clients 
When you analyze the day operationsPiles of paper to be managed, kept organised and updateDetailed analytical report covering every possible metricSoftware adds analytical analysis

Single software to serve the purpose!

The clear picture depicts how meaningful it is to get a courier dispatch software. Now, the next question is how one can get all these exclusive features in a single software? And what about the API integrations, customizations?

Does a business need to own more than 1 software to serve the purpose? Certainly not! Tookan comes with a set of power-packed features that makes it easy for any courier service business to get the instant solutions. 

And many more! Break free from all the confusion and work towards your triumph. To know more about it, feel free to connect with our Tookan team. 

If you enjoyed reading this, we’re sure you will also love checking out what we have in store on our Youtube channel. You can also head to our home page for more information!

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