Optimize Supply Chains with FlightMap

Maximize your resources by delivering in fastest and shortest route possible

Why FlightMap?

Save Time and Cost

FlightMap rescues you from hours of manual planning and provide you the most efficient route for your agent. Optimized routes avoid unnecessary consumption of fuel, which saves substantial costs to your business.

Advance Planning

Plan and create routes in advance for hassle free and smooth task assignments. Manage routes with hundred of stops in seconds.

Manage your Agents in Real Time

Set estimated service, task pick up and drop off quantities to ensure everything runs smoothly in the field. Drivers can now complete more tasks and serve more customers, leading to efficient time management.

Monitor and Manage Your Routes

Select routes you would like to optimize and assign to agents based on their availability and location. Timely deliveries lead to customer satisfaction, which ensures that they would stick to the platform for long.

Dispatch to Agents

Send assigned task with optimized routes to drivers with a single click. Receive the shortest, less crowded and the most efficient routes to fulfil deliveries at multiple locations with ease.

What Our Customers Say

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