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    Walmart joins hands with Tata, what does it mean for your Business?

    Online Marketplace

    The retail scene in India has seen some key changes in the last couple of years. Walmart took the Indian retail landscape by the storm in 2018 when the American conglomerate invested $16 billion in Flipkart. And now, with Reliance offering Amazon a $20 billion stake in its retail line, the Indian retail market has […]

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    How to Setup your own video-calling Services: (Jitsi)

    Video-calling service

    A perennial failure to keep in touch with far-flung friends and relatives is one of my epic failings. The pandemic has inspired me to do better, and I’ve been reaching out in recent days. In the process, I’m becoming better acquainted with video-chatting services. We all are dependent on Skype, Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft teams […]

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    Migrating Code From Javascript To Typescript (NodeJS)

    Javascript to Transcript

    Make your NodeJS Typescript code Production Ready Add Typescript To your existing project npm install -g typescript tsc -i– this will create tsconfig.json file Add following code into jsconfig.json file Points to take note of Make sure that all of your typescript code that you want to convert to typescript is inside src folder. Start converting each […]

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    AWS AutoScaling for Haproxy


    Weall have heard of AWS Autoscaling along with AWS Load Balancers. After the launch of AWS Application Load balancer, many cloud users started using AWS ALB having a flexible feature set for their web applications with HTTP and HTTPS traffic, but AWS load balancer is a black-box load balancing solution. Advanced customization of traffic rules […]

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    How Fugu helps in overcoming the struggles of Online Teaching?

    Online Teaching

    Methods of teaching keep on evolving with time. It is a profession that gives birth to various professionals. Without the right teacher, it is hard to find a purpose in life. With time, teachers have faced multiple difficulties—lack of resources, Infrastructure, reluctant students, change in method of teaching, etc. To make this world a better […]

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    How Does the Urbanclap/ Urban Company Business Model Generate Revenue?


    The 21st century is all about going online. With the introduction of the Internet, people can connect over a long distance. And with the uncertainties due to the ongoing pandemic, the pace of services going online has increased. The fact that having an online presence has accelerated the revenue generated is the primary motivating factor […]

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    Fugu Update: Assign Tasks to Students in Your School/University


    The education sector has seen a noticeable increase in educational standards, advancement, and innovations. Now traditional classrooms are turning into Smart/E-classrooms. Because of this, learning is now becoming fun for students and less of a burden for teachers.  Also, Schools and other educational institutions have begun to adopt latest technology apps like Evernote, FUGU etc. […]

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    Partnerships in the Digital Business Universe


    Partnerships have helped businesses and professionals expand their reach and revenue. Channel Partner Programs can help expand business to new markets. The Hubspot Channel Partner Program contributed to 33% of their revenue and generated 42% of the customer base in 2014. Here’s a brief overview of partner programs that make the cut and what they […]

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    How To Start Your Online Fitness Consultation Program in 2021

    Fitness Consultant

    Consultation of any kind is all about building trust between a customer and an expert in a particular domain. The effective fabrication of trust between them is only possible when experts and customers meet physically and come up with constructive ideas and solutions for the challenges ahead. Fitness Consultation imposes a significant challenge for the […]

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    Panther Consultation Marketplace Feature Updates -What’s New with Panther?

    In the current times of social distancing and WFH, online consultations have become the preferred mode of operation for service providers like tutors, lawyers, astrologers, dieticians, and more. If you’re in the consulting business and looking to transition to an online mode, Panther’s consultation marketplace builder can help make the switch. Features that make Panther […]

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