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Panther Consultation Marketplace Feature Updates -What’s New with Panther?

By Deepak Digwal 19th August 2020

In the current times of social distancing and WFH, online consultations have become the preferred mode of operation for service providers like tutors, lawyers, astrologers, dieticians, and more. If you’re in the consulting business and looking to transition to an online mode, Panther’s consultation marketplace builder can help make the switch. Features that make Panther one of the best consultation marketplace builders include:

  • Customizable expert and customer apps designed for a seamless online consultation experience
  • Multiple payment gateways and instant payment option
  • Instantly solve all your customer queries with live chat
  • Powerful admin dashboard with listing management and customizable themes support
  • In-depth analytics and reports to help you measure the success of your business and course correct if needed

What’s New with Panther?

In a bid to make Panther even more powerful, we continually upgrade the platform and add new features that are designed for a more seamless customer experience. Here are the two new features that are a new addition to Panther:

Panther Sessions

While online consultations are often one-on-one, there are many instances that call for a group consultation or session. Panther now supports the creation of group sessions, dubbed Sessions. With Sessions, multiple customers can enroll for an audio or video group session with an expert. The time and date for the session will be decided by the expert hosting it and all other details will be available when customers enroll for the session. Using the Sessions feature, experts can accommodate more customers per session, increasing their earnings and productivity.

consultation marketplace

Group sessions are best suited for services that involve group consultations. For instance, tutors can utilize Sessions to set up group sessions for students of the same grade/subject. With Panther’s dedicated student app, students can book sessions easily and receive automated reminders for upcoming lessons.

Panther Social Feeds

Panther’s Social Feeds feature is designed to help experts promote themselves on the consultation marketplace and other social media platforms. With Feeds, experts can post regularly to engage with customers on the marketplace. In addition, they can share news and updates about their services/offerings, and build a solid social presence. The last part is important because customers have a lot of options to choose from in the marketplace. And just being a listing isn’t going to make them sign up. Experts need to be active on the platform and showcase why and how they are different from others offering the same service in the marketplace.

Marketing, in general, is important and apart from Feeds. Panther’s consultation marketplace builder offers other marketing solutions and tips to help experts gain more customers.

consultation marketplace

Excited to try our new features? At Panther Consultation Marketplace, we regularly update our product to make it a more rounded and effective solution for marketplace consultations. Learn more about Panther by getting in touch with our team or click here to sign up for a free 14-day trial.

If you enjoyed reading this, we’re sure you will also love checking out what we have in store on our Youtube channel. You can also head to our home page for more information!

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