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How To Start Your Online Fitness Consultation Program in 2021

By Deepak Digwal 25th August 2020

Consultation of any kind is all about building trust between a customer and an expert in a particular domain. The effective fabrication of trust between them is only possible when experts and customers meet physically and come up with constructive ideas and solutions for the challenges ahead. Fitness Consultation imposes a significant challenge for the experts and the customers, as every detail has to be noted and worked upon. So building trust and confidence in Fitness Consultation is imperative. 

fitness consultation

The ongoing COVID 19 has made it challenging to build the required trust and hence affecting both: Experts and Customers. This challenge also comes with the fact that fitness is now the priority for everyone, and there is no scope of compromise in the same either on the customer side or on the expert side. To overcome the inevitable side effects of this ongoing pandemic, people are going online to continue what they are supposed to do and accept this new normal of life. Following the new rules, we will discuss some effective ways to start your online Fitness Platform in less than a day. We will discuss steps that you, as an expert, can follow and come up with some efficient fitness programs for your online customers. Along the way, we will discuss the Online Fitness consulting platform Panther and its advantages.

1. Create your Brand for Online Customers

As an online expert, it is mandatory to have a Brand that differentiates you from others. It can be done by having a Logo and Suitable company name, which explicitly represents you and the work you have done. Having a Go to Line for yourself works like a cherry on top of Ice Cream. These all can be done by Panther, which is an online consulting platform creator. You can easily brand yourself using Panther and its customizable themes. If you are not able to brand yourself effectively, we would highly recommend using Panther for the same.

2. Put a Price Tag on yourself according to your Abilities and the Experiences

After creating an attractive Brand for yourself, It’s time to decide the pricing for your service. The main point that has to be kept in mind is that pricing should be reasonable and affordable for Targeting people. Don’t let your Ego of past achievements control you while deciding the price of your Service. People want to have services that are affordable and effective simultaneously. Panther can help you with this pricing matter in a very effective manner. It helps you in the process of pricing, timing and expertise of the area.

fitness consultation

3. Understanding your Target Audience and their Interests

Understanding the Target audience and working accordingly is always a challenging and most challenging part of any Consulting Job. Fitness Consultation is a two-way process that means a customer should know the expert and the expert should know the customer. Panther makes sure that there is effective communication taking place between Experts and Customers. Panther has Real-time Audio/Video chat feature. It also enables you to reach out to your potential customers through mail and SMS with one click.

4. Setting up of Structured Fitness Routine and Uniqueness

We are discussing this as our fourth point, but this must be the first point you must consider before starting a fitness program. What makes you different from others is the most important, and thus having a Structured program along with uniqueness is essential. Listening to your customers patiently and coming up with the required solutions is an integral part of fitness consulting. Panther helps you decide the uniqueness of your program and lets you customize it at any time. No coding is required for the same.

5. Always Build an Unbreakable Trust between You and the Customers

Trust is a two-way process. You ensure your part of trust buildup by providing a well-structured program from which the customer is actually getting some benefits. Correspondingly, customers should make sure that they are paying you at the right time with the right amount. This process should be very agile and done with care. Panther takes care of all the payment-related work and documents involved in the same. It ensures the integration of multiple payment gateways to get instant payment transfers.

fitness consultation

Panther can play a significant role in your business growth because of its user-friendliness features. The platform also provides you with comprehensive analytics that can be used to grow your business more productively and constructively. The Listing Management, Customizable Themes and Regular Reports feature are some of the things that make this platform heaven for Online Fitness Consultant.

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