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Partnerships in the Digital Business Universe

By Deepak Digwal 27th August 2020

Partnerships have helped businesses and professionals expand their reach and revenue. Channel Partner Programs can help expand business to new markets. The Hubspot Channel Partner Program contributed to 33% of their revenue and generated 42% of the customer base in 2014. Here’s a brief overview of partner programs that make the cut and what they have to offer.

1. Shopify Partner Program

Shopify’s Affiliate Program is designed to inspire merchants to begin their entrepreneurial journey with support and motivation from leaders in the commerce industry. These leaders are affiliate marketers that are inducted in the Shopify Affiliate Program network through a rigorous selection process. Once you fill the online application and highlight the aspects that make you the right fit for the program, the Shopify team will take approximately 15 days to get back to you. 

The Shopify Affiliate program functions in a standard referral fashion with affiliate marketers earning a commission for each merchant they bring in to the Shopify fold. Shopify provides its affiliates with all the tools, resources and consultation sessions needed to help them expand their reach and grow their business. As a Shopify Affiliate, you also get access to blogs, tutorials, webinars, and automated funnels designed by Shopify for your target audience.

2. Freshworks Partner Program

Freshworks offers a bunch of partnership opportunities, each designed for flexible, accelerated business growth. The four prominent partnership programs you can choose from, include:

  • Solutions Partner: Utilize your sales and technical expertise to sell, consult, customize and integrate Freshworks products for businesses around the world.
  • ISV Partner: Suited for businesses looking to leverage Freshworks products with their own to create a combined solution, the ISV Partner program aims to solve critical business problems while helping businesses scale their revenue.
  • Freshworks for Startups:  Freshworks for Startups is a partner network designed to help startups get the leg up with free credits of up to $10,000 on Freshworks products, resources and customers.
  • Affiliate Program: Freshworks’ B2B Affiliate program involves you recommending Freshworks customer engagement platform on your network and earning $5 for every lead and 15% commission for every sale.

3. Microsoft Partner Network

Microsoft’s Partner Network brings together people, resources and Microsoft’s products and offerings to help businesses build and deliver effective solutions to their customers. With access to Microsoft’s enviable selection of technology portfolio, global reach, value-driven investments, partners are equipped to deliver solutions that can resolve any customer scenario. 

Outside of the tools and resources offered, it’s the access to a community of industry leaders, advocates and partner influencers that sets the Microsoft Partner Network from the rest. You can partner with Microsoft through various avenues such as building applications on top of existing Microsoft software, reselling or distributing Microsoft products, manufacturing devices and parts for Microsoft, developing apps for Xbox or Windows, delivering value added IT or network services and much more!

4. eBay Partner Network

The eBay Partner Network follows the affiliate marketing model where partners drive traffic and prompt sales across eBay’s global marketplaces. eBay’s Partner Network is truly global and helps connect millions of buyers and sellers from around the world, including everyone from global brands to local stores. 

Under the eBay Partner Network, you can earn a commission for not only driving traffic that results in a sale but also when you drive traffic to a specific item. Apart from just driving traffic to the marketplace, you can also get rewarded for innovating mobile apps and useful integrations for the eBay platform. The eBay Partner Network offers multiple affiliate models for you to choose from, depending on your specific business. 

Once you pick a model, you can integrate your website, app, or social platform with eBay’s global inventory and start earning once users start engaging with eBay products using your links.

5. Google Partner Network

The Google Partner badge is available for partners that successfully complete the Google Ads product certification exam and are updated with the latest product knowledge across four product areas, namely:

  • Search Advertising: Partners with this badge are equipped to help you create and optimize ads that show up on Google Search.
  • Video Advertising: Partners with this badge can help you optimize your video ads on Youtube.
  • Display Advertising: Get assistance in creating compelling visual ads for websites from these partners.
  • Shopping Advertising: Partners with this badge can help you place your products on Google Search and create Google Shopping Campaigns

As a Google Partner, you get access to Skillshop training courses, sign up for Google Rewards and complete a set of challenges to earn exciting rewards, product resources and the opportunity to host co-branded events.

6. Hubspot Partner Program

Hubspot offers a wide variety of partner programs designed to help grow your business faster. These include:

  • Solutions Partner Program: This program is designed for agencies and service providers that are looking to expand their products/services and become experts in Hubspot. Under this program, you’ll get all the software, resources and support you need to become a partner your customers can’t do without.
  • App Partner Program: Hubspot’s App Partner program is exclusively for companies and developers that want to accelerate their growth by building apps on Hubspot’s open platform.
  • Hubspot for Startups Partner Program: As the name suggests, this partner program is designed to help accelerators, incubators and VCs who want to help their startups grow by offering them access to Hubspot’s Growth Stack at a reasonable cost.
  • Affiliate Partner Program: This program is suited for bloggers, social media influencers,  and other content creators looking to monetize their content by introducing businesses around the world to Hubspot’s products.

7. Jungleworks Partner Program

The Channel Partner Reseller Program at Jungleworks offers resellers the chance to sell end-to-end SaaS products that build multi-vendor marketplaces. Spread across many countries, Jungleworks partners are experts on the market in their region. The program is suited for IT consultants, entrepreneurs, marketing agencies, technology resellers, software developers, and business professionals. The program can be the best stepping stone to entrepreneurs starting their journey in the digital universe. Partners are assisted at every stage of their journey.

Jungleworks presents a SaaS suite with products for on-demand businesses. The marketplace builder, CRM and delivery management software integrations provide complementary services end-to-end.

As a Jungleworks Partner, you get access to the Jungleworks SaaS suite to resell, earn exciting rewards with commissions for deals, white-labeling and solutions, personalized integrations, account management, 24/7 support, access to CRM and Chat software, marketing assistance, co-sponsored marketing campaigns, and affiliate links. A deal gets assigned to you every time someone signs up via your affiliate link.

Now that you’re aware of the best Partner Programs available for you to choose from, pick one that best aligns with your personal goals and give your revenue a major boost. Get in touch with us if you want to learn more about the JungleWorks Partner Program.

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