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How Does the Urbanclap/ Urban Company Business Model Generate Revenue?

By Deepak Digwal 4th September 2020

The 21st century is all about going online. With the introduction of the Internet, people can connect over a long distance. And with the uncertainties due to the ongoing pandemic, the pace of services going online has increased. The fact that having an online presence has accelerated the revenue generated is the primary motivating factor for others who don’t have an online presence yet. Nobody, especially after COVID 19, can deny the certainty of the handsome incoming revenue generated by having an online marketplace. The ideal example of a successful online marketplace for various people with different skills is the Urbanclap Business Model.

Urbanclap, which is now known as Urban Company has established a perfect example for an ideal online market and services. The revenue generated by them is impressive, and service providers are also getting handsome pay from them. This success is a result of proper business planning and effective handling of all the professionals working under the company. People can now connect with the professional for a given work, and they get In-home service delivery. There are many ways by which the company is generating revenue effectively. Some of them are listed below:

1. Taking Some Percentage of the Total Earning of the Professionals

The primary source of revenue is the margin that they take from each professional for every service through them. An interaction that takes place between the customer and the service provider is done through the company. You can also get an online marketplace using Yelo. It enables you to have an interactive online presence without any coding skills setup fees, after that, you can launch your services in a day. Having an online presence with Yelo is very interactive as it has customizable themes. You can have different themes for your website according to your brand.

2. Using the Lead Generation Technique which can be done Effectively

Professionals and Customers can reach out to each other using the Urbanclap app or website. The company charges some amount for every successful service conversation from the professionals as they are the reason why professionals can create these opportunities. With Yelo, you can also reach out to many customers with different requirements. You can sell goods, rent out entities, freelancing, Consultation and provide In-home services as required. You can start your service in many various industries like Beauty, Pharmacy, Grocery, Home Service, Laundry, etc.

3. Running Dynamic Advertisements for the Registered Professionals

Urbanclap also gives its professionals the option to advertise on their platform and social media accounts, which have large followings. For these advertisements, they charge a certain amount making an important part of the revenue source. Yelo also helps to advertise your services using Optimised Dashboards, Website, Mobiles and Merchant Apps. Yelo helps you in extending your reach to potential customers using proper SEO techniques. It also helps to connect with your customers using user friendly Websites.

You can also build a Business Model like Urbanclap with proper guidance and a robust online presence. For a significant online presence, you must have a user-friendly website and apps in order to interact with your customers effectively and efficiently. Yelo provides you with a customisable theme for user friendliness and themes which suits your brand or the brand you are aiming for.  If you want a custom UI/UX & perfect brand language for your online marketplace then you use Yelo unhesitantly. It comes with an inbuilt theme engine which is fully customisable and highly personalized. Yelo has about 100+ payment Gateways and 500+ Integrations in over 50+ languages, this ensures that you can communicate with your customers effectively in terms of transaction & payment transfers.

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