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    5 ways Drones are changing the global economy

    Drone technology has been used by defence organizations and tech-savvy consumers for quite some time. However, over the past decade, UAV technology has rapidly accelerated in the process, the applications for drones has expanded well beyond military, law enforcement and security industries. In the present-day scenario, drones are tackling from deliveries to providing medicinal aids […]

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    Impact of Automation in fleet management

    Every industry has varying ways to streamline their processes to get cost effectiveness and increase productivity. Bigger industries such as manufacturing or in the technology-based sector ensures that processes are being performed in the best and most efficient way is a matter of necessity. Automation plays an important role in providing a solution to many […]

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    Importance of data analytics in the fleet management

    Technology has gained trust and control in almost every sphere of our lives. Our facilities are turning smart, industries are transforming digitally and the lifestyles have become ever-connected. Telematics is a relatively new field a concept that combines telecommunications and vehicular technologies with the insights of information processing is one such innovation that technology buffs […]

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    Choosing The Right Telematics Device For Your Fleet Management Business

    Choosing the right telematics devices for your business always raises questions in mind. With new innovations in the market, difficulty in choosing the right telematics solution for fleet tracking has increased. Your vehicles are on the road, Day and night, A telematics solution puts game-changing insight on fuel spend, driver location and more at your […]

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    Ways To Improve IOT Fleet Tracking Operations

    The term “Fleet Tracking” is sometimes assumed as vehicle tracking whose sole purpose is to track vehicle and drivers position. But wait, it has a lot more to it. The goal of fleet management is to extract maximum value and minimize the cost of maintenance of the fleet. Because checking each and every vehicle in […]

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    Internet Of Things Infrastructure Backbone

    The Internet of Things will fundamentally change all industries, from agriculture to transportation to healthcare. In the next few decades, nearly everything in our world will become connected. The rapid developments in IoT technology are bringing the promise of an exciting and convenient future. Soon nearly every piece of technology we use will be part […]

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    How IoT tracking devices are changing the landscape of the fleet management business

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people that are provided with unique identifiers and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. One of the biggest problems the logistics industry faces is the tracking of the […]

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    UAVs As a Delivery Medium

    “A Special Delivery“ Humans have always been fascinated by flight, even long before technology metamorphosed. Flying through the air like a bird, with little more than our muscles and our wits, is a dream so vividly etched into our being that the ancient Greeks immortalized it via myths. Human beings have tried and failed throughout […]

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