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    How Surveying Drones are Improving The Geospatial Industry

    Drone innovation has come a long way in an extremely short period. With drones now used for a range of commercial applications, whether it’s parcel delivery or television filming. The phenomenal rise in drone usage has led to the development of an ever more sophisticated system, among which is surveying drones. The application of unmanned […]

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    Car manufacturers leveraging drone technology for delivering parts

    Drone technology has advanced into many use-cases from the past few years. The list is only extending towards a future delivery solution. Since drones are already delivering food and medical supplies to remote places. Car part delivery via drones is a new use-case that has emerged, to solve the major problems the logistics industry is […]

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    How IoT enables mobility in last-mile deliveries via drones

    Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming a reality allowing the interconnection of physical devices for sharing feedback and establishing communication networks. This technology is widely expanding to common devices but currently evolving drone industry. Drones are an emerging form of IoT devices, flying in the sky with full network connectivity capabilities. Intelligent drones with reasonable […]

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    Alphabet’s Wing Launches OpenSky App For Drone Flyers

    In a step towards making the skies safe for drone operations, Wing X officially launches the OpenSky App for drone pilots. This app will help manage and control drone traffic in the near future. Releasing on Android and iOS, OpenSky app offers an interface that is comparable to Google Maps but with various information. The […]

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    Technologies Ensuring Drone Safety In The Air Space

    Drone safety and its operation is a priority for the fast-growing multirotor industry. UAVs and multirotor drones are increasingly available in the online and offline market, offering commercial and a plethora of use-case. It is estimated that the global drone market will grow from $14 billion in 2019 to over $43 billion in 2024 at […]

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    How drones prove to be an optimal solution for last mile delivery

    Drones have become an optimal solution for last mile delivery. With primary benefits like fast delivery of goods, lower cost of operation and environment-friendly technology, drones will have a bright market for logistics shortly. Last mile delivery is the final step in a product journey from warehouse to customer doorstep. It is the least efficient […]

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    How Future Delivery Drones Will Deliver Your Packages

    Delivery drones or unmanned aerial vehicle are pilotless aircraft carrying packages to a designated area. These flying bots generally have 4 to 8 propellers and rechargeable Li-Po batteries to generate thrust. The delivery drones are autonomous or remotely controlled through a ground controlled station. Drone operators can monitor multiple flying bots at once keeping track […]

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    Everything you need to know about industrial drones

    Industrial grade drones or UAVs are becoming the next big thing in the ongoing ‘Industrial Revolution’. We usually think of aerial drones as consumer technology or used by the military to fly pilot-less missions. But there is an entire industry dedicated to using drones in industrial settings like mining, construction, and insurance. The technology of […]

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    The Latest Revelation Of Precision Landing Drone

    Drones have been around us for quite some time now, since then they have advanced into many industry verticals and being used for increasingly diverse kinds of workload. Precision landing drone is essential to perform these task smoothly. The recent improvements in aircraft technologies, software, sensors, and communications, now offers a wide range of applications. […]

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    Drones Delivering Packages Soon To Be Reality For Amazon

    One of the most ambitious initiatives by Amazon seems to be on the verge of becoming a reality. Amazon has announced a brand new design for its Prime Air delivery drone while also revealing that fleets of drones may begin delivering packages to consumers in just a few months from now. The drone delivery initiative […]

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