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Car manufacturers leveraging drone technology for delivering parts

By Akshat Sharma 30th July 2019
Drone technology provides mobility in car components delivery.

Drone technology has advanced into many use-cases from the past few years. The list is only extending towards a future delivery solution. Since drones are already delivering food and medical supplies to remote places. Car part delivery via drones is a new use-case that has emerged, to solve the major problems the logistics industry is facing.

The car manufacturers are bypassing traffic and reducing carbon emissions by using drone technology to transport equipment to their production line. The addition of drones will provide flexibility to the production line, by connecting the manufacturing plants to near-by facilities within 2-3 kilometre of range.

Drones can deliver emergency parts in less than 15 mins, depending upon the drone configuration. Presently this is done by delivery trucks that take up to 90 mins to complete the task. With this move, every time a part is needed on the production line, delivery will be made quickly, thus improving efficiency and saving overall incurred extra transportation costs. 

Companies leveraging drone technology

Recently, many automobile companies have integrated innovative drone technology. The ‘Seat’ factory in Martorell is the first Spanish plant to receive components via drone delivery. The company will continue with deliveries of steering wheels and airbags to the Seat assembly lines. Deliveries will be followed by the pilot program under the supervision of the Spanish Aviation Safety and Security Agency (AESA). 

The innovation is framed on the commitment to industry revolution 4.0. We believe the move will transform the process, making the factory smarter and connected to boost efficiency, flexibility and sustainability.

Drone delivery also contributes to the reduction in CO2 emissions as compared to traditional transport. Besides, drones are charged by renewable energy source. 

Our proposed drone configuration

Tida is an autonomous drone delivery solution, made with robust high endurance aircraft frame. It gives a time of flight of approx. 40 mins w/o payload. The drone is capable of carrying a payload of 5 kg with a cruising speed of about 25mph. Build to be operable in harsh environments makes it the right choice for your business. 

Our system consists of few additional features like In-Air delivery, Failsafe (Return-To-Home) and parachutes safety. With this configuration, our flying bot can delivery automobile parts in minutes. Hence, boosting business efficiency and sustainability.

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