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The Latest Revelation Of Precision Landing Drone

By Akshat Sharma 11th June 2019
Precision Landing Drone

Drones have been around us for quite some time now, since then they have advanced into many industry verticals and being used for increasingly diverse kinds of workload. Precision landing drone is essential to perform these task smoothly. The recent improvements in aircraft technologies, software, sensors, and communications, now offers a wide range of applications.

Whether developing a solution for drone delivery, deploying a drone docking station, hovering a drone for inspection, or trying to land a drone in the back of a pickup truck, making a drone land precisely at a given location has always been a challenge.

Why Precision Landing drone Important?

Whether to drop packages in the backyard or to land on a moving target, Precision Landing drone and its accuracy are crucial.

The acceptance of drones in the real world depends upon the overall safety of people, livestock and infrastructure or the drone itself. Precision landing is essential in drones to accommodate safer and streamlined operations.

The durability of the drone increases, since with precision landing the drone is less likely to land on something which could damage the property or the tech itself.

When the landing pad/docking station is in motion, multiple landing sites, with higher precision is required to land the UAV in the desired location, hence with precision landing drone efficiency and accuracy in the operation increases.

Precision landing Challenges

It is highly challenging while trying to attempt landing autonomous multirotor aided by the GPS. Traditional GPS is not accurate enough to navigate the drone precisely to a landing spot, as it always comes with an error radius of a few meters.

The error margin offered by a GPS-based landing solution is unacceptable in the real world usage for obvious reasons. Even with Real Time Kinematic GPS, it is extremely hard to precisely align and land on target.

Real-Time Kinematic-GPS systems are complicated to set up and requires additional infrastructure to reach the desired performance level. Infrared beacons get affected by ambient conditions and need power on the landing site.

Therefore, a reliable system is required that can help precisely align and land the drone on the preferred position, with centimeter-level accuracy.

Our Solution

At Jungleworks we have build a robust and reliable solution for precision landing on any desired site with maximum accuracy, for security, delivery, and inspection applications. Our Vision-based automated precision landing system is compatible with a wide range of drones/hardware. It offers the ability to autonomously land or hover a drone over a visual target for delivery, docking station, warehouse or asset inspection, even in GPS-denied environments.

Vision-Based Precision Landing

Our system works on Raspberry Pi based drone target detection and safe precision landing solution. It proposes the integration of a PID controller for target detection and Logic controller for a safe landing. The advanced system is equipped with a USB camera which is connected to Raspberry Pi for detecting the target and a laser rangefinder (LIDAR) for measuring the distance for a safe landing.

Precision Landing Use Cases

Precision Landing is a critical requirement for various drone applications. It is an essential feature for performing several accurate and efficient drone operation.


A drone delivery network has landing sites spread across a large geographic area. Precision landing is required on the drone to precisely hover or land for package delivery.

Docking Station

A solution to the problem of short battery life of drones and operation in isolated or distant areas of service. Docking stations allow autonomous landing/takeoff, storage, recharging and battery swapping for the drones. The drone will identify the tag and precisely land on the target docking station.

Security and Surveillance

Precision landing essentially adds value to drone security and surveillance operations. These operations can be of long-hours for a single battery to do the job efficiently. An autonomous dock charging system is required to prepare the drone for extended flights, precision landing automates these processes and makes them easier and faster.

Get in touch with us to explore more about precision landing drones and how it can help you automate drone operations according to your business needs.


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