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Drones Delivering Packages Soon To Be Reality For Amazon

By Akshat Sharma 7th June 2019
Amazon Prime Air delivery drone

One of the most ambitious initiatives by Amazon seems to be on the verge of becoming a reality. Amazon has announced a brand new design for its Prime Air delivery drone while also revealing that fleets of drones may begin delivering packages to consumers in just a few months from now. The drone delivery initiative by Amazon is not new, and the company has been talking about it for several years, but this is the first time it has a release date attached.

The Prime Air delivery drone has a central compartment for carrying goods and a hexagonal shrouding that acts as its wings, while also protecting and shielding people from direct contact with rotors. The drone can travel up to 15 miles on a single trip and can deliver packages that weigh less than 5 pounds to customers. The drone is capable of take-off and land like a helicopter. It can also auto-detect objects in motion around it with the help of artificial intelligence.

The drone is packed-full of sensors and a suite of computer modules runs a variety of machine learning models to keep the drone safe. This is the first time Amazon is publicly talking about drone deliveries which are manufactured and designed in-house. Drone’s autonomous flight systems maneuver it to its landing spot making it as safe as possible.

Drone package delivery is sparking the imagination of retailers, consumers and everybody in between. Over the last several years, tech companies including Amazon, Google, and other small startups are all working on the supply chain of tomorrow, including delivering pizza’s to medical supplies from one place to another.

Amazon has emphasized on the importance of safety in its new Prime Air delivery drone program. Making customers feel more comfortable receiving drone deliveries if they know the system is incredibly safe. This initiative will drive acceptance among the consumers and spread more awareness about the drone air space. Small and medium start-ups can take advantage of this increased consumer acceptance and comprehend more in the growing drone market.

Drone adoption is growing rapidly among both consumers and companies, and the retail industry is leading the way in that adoption. The benefits would be tangible for both customers and for Amazon itself, which would reap the rewards of reduced drone delivery cost. Every other industry would save lots of money on shipping costs, which would, in turn, reduce costs for consumers. Consumers would receive their packages far more quickly and reliably, which would build consumer trust and encourage repeat purchasing.

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