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    Drone Traffic Management Controlling The Skies Of The Future

    Drones have started taking over the skies and soon will start crowding airspace above your apartment. This gives rise to the need for drone traffic management system. Besides delivering packages and inspecting high rise buildings, higher-flying autonomous aircraft will be executing tasks like monitoring air quality, mapping floods, gathering information, and maybe even carrying passengers […]

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    How LTE Enables Long-Range Communication In Drones

    The increasing popularity of drone technology is very evident in China and the US. In just a few years drones are expected to perform a large number of tasks, from delivery services to infrastructure inspection. To perform these tasks, the drone should be able to do long-range communication. Mobility support provides connectivity to the drones […]

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    Jungleworks and IIT Ropar Sign MoU for Research and Development

    Jungleworks has signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Indian Institute of Technology Ropar, considering the long term benefits of sharing the knowledge between both the organization by vibrant collaboration and undertaking the joint activities in their respective fields. Under the MoU, both the Institute have agreed to explore ways of promoting sharing of resources like […]

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    Jungleworks and Chitkara University Signs MoU for Collaboration

    In a step towards fostering & strengthening innovation, Jungleworks has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Chitkara University, to collaborate for the partnership in areas of mutual interest. As per terms and conditions outlined in the memorandum of understanding (MoU). Jungleworks and Chitkara University recognizes their strengths in research & development, as emerging […]

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    How BVLOS influences commercial drone operators

    The ability to fly beyond visual Line of sight represents the next significant opportunity for commercial drone operators. Most lucrative possibilities for introducing drones into real-world are based on gathering data over large swaths of land such as railroads, utility lines and farms that require autonomy. Beyond visual line of sight makes the flight a […]

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    5 reasons why drones are the future of every business

    Few pieces of technology electrified tech lovers and the general public. The unmanned aerial vehicle, famously called as drones are one of those animated technologies that have accelerated in the past few decades and will continue to affect every business possible as technology advances in the future. An unmanned aerial vehicle typically refers to a […]

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    How drones are changing the global economy

    Drones have been used by defense organizations and tech-savvy consumers for quite some time. However, over the past decade UAV technology has rapidly accelerated in the process. The applications have expanded well beyond military, law enforcement and security industries. In the present-day scenario, drones are tackling from deliveries to providing medicinal aids in rough terrains. […]

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    Impact of Automation in fleet management

    Every industry has varying ways to streamline their processes to get cost effectiveness and increase productivity. Bigger industries such as manufacturing or the technology-based sector ensure that processes are being performed in the best and most efficient way. Automation plays an important role in providing a solution to many industries to adopt a certain way […]

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    Importance of data analytics in fleet management

    Technology has gained trust and control in almost every sphere of our lives. Our facilities are turning smart, industries are transforming digitally and the lifestyles have become ever-connected. Telematics is a relatively new field, a concept that combines telecommunications and vehicular technologies with the insights of information processing. Through this technology telematics companies can have […]

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    Choosing the right telematics device for your fleet management business

    Choosing the right telematics devices for your business always raises questions in mind With new innovations in the market, difficulty in choosing the right telematics solution for fleet tracking has increased. Your vehicles are on the road, Day and night, A telematics solution puts game-changing insight on fuel spend, driver location and more at your […]

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