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Alphabet’s Wing Launches OpenSky App For Drone Flyers

By Akshat Sharma 24th July 2019
OpenSky App for safe drone operation in the near future

In a step towards making the skies safe for drone operations, Wing X officially launches the OpenSky App for drone pilots. This app will help manage and control drone traffic in the near future. Releasing on Android and iOS, OpenSky app offers an interface that is comparable to Google Maps but with various information.

The app lets drone operators keep track of the no-fly zones and near-by drones in the Air-Space. It also lets the user manage and control flights. The company stated that the OpenSky App will help drone operators comply with aviation rules and plan flight safely and efficiently.

Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional drone operator this App will let you easily find where and when to fly a drone with the required set of rules and regulations. 

Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) has replaced it’s “Can I fly there?” App with Remotely Piloted Aircraft System. This is a digital platform to which App developers can connect their own drone safety App. OpenSky App is the first third party App that’s approved with this new system.

Australia is first to receive approval to use the OpenSky App for free to manage drone flights. The App will have a different version for various regions to accommodate the regulations effectively. Australian version may also incorporate a couple of features like a checklist with a range of critical factors, airspace restrictions, hazardous situations and proximity to airports and heliports. 

OpenSky App Alternative

As the commercial drone market is growing, the integration of drones in the Air-Space will require careful planning of the traffic management system. We see OpenSky as a contribution to the drone community’s growing ecosystem, in which many services are expected to safely share air space during operation. While it isn’t the first drone flight app to be released, OpenSky promotes some of the most robust features to date.

We are also working on making our air-space safe for drone operations. Our drone delivery solution Tida is integrated with our delivery management software Tookan, which is optimised to track your drone in real-time. Working on a few other features the software will send you alerts for safe flights, near-by drones and no-fly zones.

We are focused to provide end to end drone delivery solution with the safe Air-Space for the future drone operations. Our autonomous solution can be customised for any business use-case. 

Start your drone delivery business now! To learn more get in touch with us! 


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