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How Surveying Drones are Improving The Geospatial Industry

By Akshat Sharma 9th August 2019
Setting ground control points by using surveying drones

Drone innovation has come a long way in an extremely short period. With drones now used for a range of commercial applications, whether it’s parcel delivery or television filming. The phenomenal rise in drone usage has led to the development of an ever more sophisticated system, among which is surveying drones.

The application of unmanned aerial system(UAS) is fast-growing as geospatial and construction companies learn how much easier, cost-effective it is with the use of surveying drones. Drones have proven that they can help create these efficiencies and the benefits that technology enables by providing surveyors with more options related to how they process their data as well as being able to reduce man-hours by up to 60%.

Traditional Surveying vs Surveying Drones data

How surveying drones make survey and mapping more efficient than ever.

Above table clearly, show how drones make surveying and mapping more efficient than ever, drone mapping produces 100,000 times more data in 25% of the time. The massive amount of data allows for the creation of highly accurate and detailed 3D models and surfaces. This surveying drones data allows for design and planning to take place in a 3D environment that is complete and accurate.

Traditional surveying requires a great deal of value estimation to create the surfaces and no way to model existing structures. Creating surfaces from traditional survey methods can be slow and quite difficult, especially if your field crew forgot to collect data points that are critical to the surface model. 

Why drone surveying?

Cost-effective and time-saving 

Surveying drone allows for safe mapping and produces highly accurate data. They offer 10 times better resolution that makes it easy to identify objects on the ground. utilising a drone surveying service can decrease project time and reduce overall costs, provide planning and development resources with further ground images and aerial views of urban landscapes.

Risk reduction

Land surveyors’ always work outdoors irrespective of weather conditions and harsh terrains. Having a drone mapping solution allows autonomous flights to eliminate several risks like surveying at high grounds with heavy equipment and the risk of falling. The use of surveying drones performing these tasks can significantly reduce these risks.

Greater accessibility

The limitation for humans to reach remote places for surveying and inspection tasks can be eliminated by use of surveying drones. Surveying roadways, railway lines and power grids can be easily completed by deploying drones which significantly reduce time and reduces risk.

Better data resolution

Surveying drones can fly closer to the ground surface and supply much-improved data resolution for aerial surveying and photography. Problem areas can be captured accurately which will significantly increase efficiency.

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