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Fugu Or WhatsApp, Choose The Best For Your Business

By Shivin Gupta 28th January 2019

Why Fugu when you can communicate over WhatsApp?

Sometime back I had a pretty embarrassing moment – I ended up sending a WhatsApp message to my colleague which was meant for my best friend. I apologized to my colleague, who was to my relief, quite understanding. Thankfully this incident didn’t lead me to hide behind my desk and deactivating all electronic communication forever. I am sure all of us have been through this at some point in time in their lives.

It is just good business practice to keep the workplace communication medium different from personal messaging apps.

Your entire team is better off on one official platform

Team collaboration tools are built from the ground up for businesses and business messaging.

You log in with your work email ID, and all your colleagues (george.smith@yelo.red, john.wick@yelo.red and so on) join your team automatically. All you have to do to reach someone is a search for their name and get talking.

With WhatsApp, on the other hand, you can only request and hope that your entire team gets on the tool. Besides, there is also the possibility of your teammate sharing a confidential business message or file with an outsider. This is simply not an option with team collaboration apps as most of them let you set file sharing restrictions, among other admin-level permissions. Keep your data where your business lives.

Important information doesn’t get lost in cluttered chats

The most important parameter of effective collaboration is that information should reach your teammates.

According to a recent survey, “Members of complex teams are less likely to share knowledge freely, to learn from one another, to help one another complete jobs and meet deadlines, and to share resources — in other words, to collaborate.”

This is where team collaboration apps make all the difference — they help users break all barriers to effective communication given their very nature of being instant and unaffected.

Another problem with using WhatsApp for work is that important work-related messages often get lost among swarms of congratulatory messages, emojis, and GIFs, in business WhatsApp groups.

Solution? Team collaboration tools allow reactions like 👍👏😄😔😠 and reply to messages, so you don’t have to scroll through long message threads.

Mark Attendance, Apply Leaves, Conduct Meetings on Fugu, Unbelievable right?

With the creative mind of a developer, Fugu offers you Attendance bot and Scrum Bot where your team members can meet all the daily needs on one single platform saving time from dropping multiple emails and thus boosting overall team productivity. Don’t worry about the attendance report or leave applications and approvals, we got it all automated for you.

Team collaboration apps also come with powerful desktop and mobile apps that make working from your office, a coffee shop or on the move effortless. And all your chats are synced across devices, so you can pick up from where you left off. This works well especially for sales, marketing or events folks who typically work from anywhere and everywhere.

Need more reasons to make the switch? Try Fugu for free and see the difference for yourself!

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