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Which is a better team chat app: Fugu or Skype?

By Rashim Sethi 26th March 2019

We have already discussed in the previous article that how a team chat app can boost your business. Selecting the best Team chat app at affordable pricing is a fight.

As we are building Fugu- an all-purpose Team Chat App, we always make sure to check our competitors, analyze them and learn more about them. We have already written a few articles on Slack alternatives and Facebook Workplace.

In this article, we will discuss Skype in detail.

Let’s have a better understanding of both through the following table.

Team Chat App

Skype is more of telecommunication software. It is a consumer product which is wrapped in enterprise looking features.

It will be improper to call Skype a collaboration software until and unless it has the following features.

Skype doesn’t offer third party integrations:

Skype doesn’t offer third-party integrations with collaboration and project management tools like Trello. Moreover, there is no in-built task manager and one needs to look into more than one app while working on a big project. For instant messaging and calling one will be using Skype, for proper follow-ups, one has to use Trello or other project collaboration tools and for storage, one has to use drives or Dropbox. This, in turn, will result in a lot of confusion.

Skype doesn’t offer automated bots:

In Fugu, we have automated bots like Attendance and Leave Bot. Employees can punch in using the app itself. Attendance and leave management system gets automated by advanced facial recognition and geofence marking. Such features are not present in Skype.

Skype doesn’t offer closed team space:

Fugu lets you and your team members create a closed workspace. But in Skype, you can communicate with anyone who has a Skype account. Privacy in the workplace is hindered. You can get fake invites and friend requests. The major disadvantage that Skype has is its annoying in-app ads. This becomes the reason for irritation and hence reduces your productivity at the workplace.

Skype does not fit well for business:

Skype poses real problems when it comes to IT management terms, said David Thorn, chief executive of telecoms provider Telstra Europe. “Unlike Skype, enterprise-level solutions come with complete network monitoring tools, which provide IT diagnostics and analyse and monitor usage, enabling the IT manager to make decisions about their network and the quality of services that are being provided.”

Data security is at risk while using Skype:

Davin Thorn also stated the threats while using the skype as a platform for sharing sensitive information “Obviously, there is a danger that, with a business solution such as Skype, the IT manager will be in the dark about usage, without visibility of how the service is being used or its impact on other business services.”

There are chances that your Skype account may get hacked and your company’s sensitive data may be lost. Like Fugu, Skype does not offer you a secured workplace.

Concluding thoughts:

Fugu as a Team collaboration software offers you various third-party integrations, a closed and private workplace with no spam invites and requests. There are no in-app ads that annoy you while using the chat app. We ensure that your sensitive data is safe with us and your chats are end to end encrypted.

Try using “Fugu” for internal communication. It is a simple all-purpose team chat app that empowers communication and collaboration at the same platform. Sign up to start your free 30-day trial!

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