Trucking Dispatch Software
Truck tracking and Transport Management Solution

Tookan's cloud based Trucking dispatch software helps you manage your fleet
and automate dispatch for your Transport company

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Manage Dispatch at One Place

Smart Dashboard to receive and dispatch order requests through TMS software. Track Complete order fulfillment cycle and take in time actions like delete, cancel & re-assign delivery with TMS logistics.

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Auto Pickup & Delivery Dispatch

TMS System logistics allows to get pickups & deliveries auto-assigned to the nearest & free Drivers upon order received. Driver gets a "delivery alert" on his app instantly to accept new delivery tasks.

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Complete Assignment Tracking

Ensure Real-Time Driver & Truck tracking using our deliveryTruck routing software. Manage delivery status, Driver's activity timeline for zero delays in dispatch and deliveries with the best TMS software.

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Route Optimization for Drivers

Our Trucking logistics Software offers route optimaztion to pick the shortest & fastest routes, helping you reduce costs and boost efficiency

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Proof of Delivery

Get time and photo proof of delivery using the Driver's App as soon as the order is delivered via trucking dispatch app. Easily manage POD's with our trucking dispatch Software.

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Performance Analytics

Monitor Dispatch - Deliveries - Tracking, number of deliveries, ratings & reviews of Drivers, cancelled & delayed orders and much more to help you take control of your business with top trucking software.

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What you get

agent app

Driver app

Auto delivery dispatch

Route optimization & navigation

Task alerts & reminders

Driver's earnings


Dispatcher dashboard

Bird eye business view

Driver GPS tracking & task status

Driver performance management

Manage ratings & reviews

Customer app

Customer app

On demand delivery app for customers

Real-time delivery tracking & status updates

Customer chat with assigned drivers


30% Quarterly increase in number of deliveries requested. Achieved by ensuring Zero Delays and Cancelled orders through best trucking software system.
22% Decrease in Monthly Delivery Cost for same number of orders. Achieved through route optimization & performance management with the collaboration of trucking dispatch software free.
27% Decrease in average delivery time for all orders. Achieved by operating on shortest & fastest routes through route optimisation.

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