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The Complete Toolkit for all Your
Delivery Management Needs

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Dispatch Dashboard

Manage your business operations from a centralized view

Real-time tracking

Track real time, Optimize routes and schedules and resource allocation in one centralized view.

Notifications & Alerts

Stay updated by tracking orders with customized alerts and resolve issues proactively.

Automate Logistics

Assign tasks, schedule, dispatch, and manage your orders by automating repetitive tasks.

Powerful Analytics

Analyze data and reports to improve and optimize performance of fleets and drivers.

Service App

Everything a field agent needs to work efficiently

Task Notification

Customize operational alerts and communicate directly with managers, dispatch and customers.

Optimized Routes

Easily navigate to multiple destinations and ensure on-time deliveries.

Proof of Delivery

Allow your agents to scan barcodes, add notes, images and collect digital signatures.

Easy Navigation

Easy access of customer information, track task and travel handsfree.

Improve your delivery today!


Apps to solve your business needs

Utility Apps

Increase efficiency with set of utility apps that suit your business and witness potential growth.

Easy Integration

Customers receive email/SMS with the expected time of arrival and are allowed real-time tracking.

Enhanced Productivity

Get valuable insights about your customers experience by tracking ratings and feedback.

Management & Coordination

Manage your fleet effortlessly with Agent specific apps in Tookan Extensions.


Advanced fleet tracking for better management

Reduce Maintenance Costs

We help you minimize the maintenance cost of vehicle breakdown by sending you early warning alerts when the monitored part needs maintenance or are close to failure.


An alert sent out every time a vehicle enters of exits a Geofence, increasing operational efficiency and elevated safety and security levels.

Behaviour Monitoring

Our complete solution enables you to monitor your fleet's behavior in real-time. Know your fleet's end-to-end driving behavior from idling vehicle time, rash driving & much more.

Smart Analytics

Fleet Managers have access to information and tracking summary or upto 90 days past with comprehensive graphical reports.

Ensure on-time deliveries with
real-time route optimization and
end-to-end delivery tracking

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