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Know How Trucking Management software adds operation efficiency in your trucking business!

By Tanvir Singh 10th September 2020

Your trucking business demands your constant attention. From sorting the inventory to making sure the truck reaches to the destined location on time, you have so much in your court. The tedious and hectic daily schedule must have disappointed your skills multiple times. But what next? Are you going to repeat the stress or are you ready to get a permanent solution to it!

If your eyes are gazing for a solution, then you are at the right place. “ Trucking Management Software” is the technical approach to progress in your trucking business with a powerful management. 

Trucking Management Software: A complete tech suite for your trucking business 

Even a simple trucking business with a fleet count of 5 trucks faces the trouble of disorganized routes, mismanaged deliveries, delayed dispatch and many more. These situations seem to be unavoidable if your trucking business fails to join hands with a good trucking software. 

Before we talk about how the TMS software can act as a catalyst in upscaling the operational efficiency of your transport business, let us get a brief overview of what trucking software does!

TMS unifies your trucking business operations by keeping a 360 degree track of fleet, drivers, invoices(waybills) and other analytical reports.  The software plays an integral role in documenting and tracking the minute details of your fleet in a way, you look for!

We are sure that this single reason would be powerful enough to make you decide to go ahead with the introduction of TMS to your existing trucking business. But, hold on! We want you to make an informed decision before you make the investment.  Here are a few of listed ways that speak about the role of Trucking management software solution in a transport business. 

Ways by which TMS adds operational efficiency to your trucking business

We want you to be aware of the best reasons to go ahead with the addition of TMS software to your business. Here is the list: 

Makes your trucking business organised: The cloud-based software helps in keeping the reports, invoices and other important files documented digitally. This is a great relief to those who waste almost half of their efficiency in collecting and pilling up the papers. 

Facilitates Automatic Dispatch: If you always wondered to have a timely dispatch of your fleet for avoiding any delay, TMS is your must to have addition. It not only automates the dispatch but also reduces the chances of human error. 

Generates Waybill instantly: Whether your fleet is on a single dispatch or has a connected task to complete, Trucking management software covers all for you. The instant invoice generator makes it convenient to get handy bills with every delivery. 

Track the fleet journey: The entire journey of your truck needs to be monitored precisely. But, are you going to assign manpower to every fleet that is on job? Surely not! Because the Transport management system does all for you. Get a complete coverage of your trucks from their inception to completion stage through a robust TMS. 

Location Intelligence for your drivers: Let us not waste any single time in going through an undesirable route. A good transport software allows you to get your fleet’s route optimized in a smarter way. This helps in introducing the concept of zero delays to your trucking business. 

Tookan offers you a picture-perfect transport management software!

The SaaS industry is all about innovation. Getting an innovative solution that proactively addresses your business realistic struggles is a smart decision. Tookan’s TMS software  has been on the road to make your trucking business wheels move swiftly. The humanly designed software, goes into tits and bits to ensure the practical problems in your transport business are tackled like a pro. If you ask an expert, why Tookan above others? Here is our take on this. 

The convenient Driver app is a good to use app for every driver

We don’t expect any tech expertise in your drivers. But, at the same time we are focused on introducing them to the right technology. Tookan’s trucking management software is super easy to be used by your transport business’s drivers. They can get their hands on:

  1. Automatic delivery dispatch information
  2. Smart navigation to the best route
  3. Regular alerts to keep them informed
  4. An overview of their daily earnings

The customer-friendly app to update you customers

Your customers might be anxious to get a complete track of their orders. Our customer app compliments their expectations like a pro. With the app, they can track:

  1. ETA of their orders
  2. A complete overall delivery tracking
  3. Regular status updates
  4. In app chat with drivers

Before you go! Tookan has something in store for you too. 

The powerful admin dashboard

You can get a complete takeover of your transport business digitally with the help of the admin dashboard. You can: 

  1. Get a smart and detailed bird eye business view
  2. A complete GPS Tracking of your fleet
  3. Performance metrics of your drivers
  4. Analysis and feedback of your drivers

And we are ready to evolve further with your needs! Let us know how we can help you to grow better in your business. Reach to us, to discuss more.

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