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Personalise form fields and design according to your business requirement.

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Customisable Form Builder

Built-in templates optimized for every business

Customised Templates To
Create Any Type Of Forms

Tookan form builder lets you build a customized online form to fit your exact needs in minutes.

Track all orders
directly in the form

Track every order within the form, without having to use any other screen.

Create Multiple Business Forms
per account

Modify each form according to your customer's business requirements.

Made for Everyone!

Get all the features you need to run, manage, analyze, and distribute your forms

Multiple Language

Allow your customer to take orders in any language and reach a wider audience.

Multiple Field Types

Ask anything to everything with the flexible choice of data types. We have them all.

Customizable Design

Customize your forms the way you like it with background image, color, font, add images, videos etc.

Take Bulk or Indiviual Orders

Either you are a big business taking orders in bulk or an SME dealing with individual order, Tookan Forms has no boundaries

The Ultimate Form Builder Tool
For Endless Oppurtunites

Create multi-functional forms in a snap!

Easy Sharing

Circulate your forms in only a moment and share them with the rest of the world in just a click. Get Started

Secure Payment Gateways

Accept payments in a snap with Tookan forms, integrate our forms with stripe, paypal and many more. Get Started

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequently asked questions and answers

What is Tookan Forms?
Tookan forms is a online form builder that helps you to create any kind of forms for your business. You can also customize the existing templates as per your business model.
How can I collect payments via Forms?
Tookan forms is integrated with Stripe and PayPal payment gateways and you can use any of them to collect one time or recurring payments. You can sell pretty much anything using Forms.
How can I use the forms on my website?
You can embed the form on your website as a sliding form (tabbed form), a plain form (embed in between website content or sidebars) or you can share the direct form link with your audience.
I don’t have a website. How can I use Tookan Forms?
Within your tookan forms dashboard, create form and share form links online with your users. Further you can access and manage all your data from within Tookan forms dashboard.