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Tips to efficiently manage your deliveries

By Arsh Singh 30th November 2015


Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others

To keep pace with an increasingly competitive world, your business needs to run as efficiently as possible. Sooner or later any company not operating efficiently will be out of the race. When it comes to delivering goods to the customers, it is very important to do it right. Mismanaged deliveries can affect your company adversely. Some factors which lead to botched delivery include:

  • Problem finding specific addresses in deliveries.
  • Customers do not know the estimated arrival time.
  • Scheduling tasks is a time-consuming job.
  • No way to keep track of agents/drivers.
  • The problem of directions (which route to follow).
  • Communication with drivers/agents is hard.                                                 
  • Lack of proper database of deliveries, agents, and customers

In order to improve your delivery management system, you might need some software which can manage your deliveries. But often this software costs you a lot of money. But, there are pocket friendly and better solutions available in the market. Let’s know what your delivery management software should be able to do:

  • Find addresses and guide drivers to save time.
  • Easily assign tasks to drivers from the backend.
  • Use GPS tracking to track the driver’s location.
  • Use planning and scheduling tools.                                                                
  • Seamless communication with customers and agents/fleets

There is a delivery management software that has numerous features including the ones mentioned above. Let’s know a bit about Tookan – the intuitive deliveries management software for smart entrepreneurs.

How can Tookan help manage your delivery?

delivery van with package symbol

Tookan is a fully managed software as a service platform, which is highly flexible to fit in every delivery business from food to furniture and from service to cabs. Tookan automates most of your operational tasks allowing you to easily schedule and assign tasks along with giving you the functionality of tracking your agents/drivers in real-time. Job details provide agents with exactly where and when they have to deliver. SMS-based notifications allow customers to know the status of their deliveries and your customers can also track their deliveries in real-time. It helps manage the business on-the-go with mobile optimized, browser-based solution. Let’s list a few benefits of using Tookan as your delivery management software.


  • Tookan keeps records of your delivery and customers in one place eliminating paperwork and confusion.
  • Tasks are allocated to the nearest driver/agent automatically.
  • Tookan has an easy to use, intuitive interface which can be used by anyone, anywhere.
  • Your customers get a tracking link for their deliveries.
  • Enhanced customer experience and feedback mechanism.
  • SMS and email notifications are sent to the customer about the status of their deliveries.
  • Real-time remote coordination between managers and agents/drivers.
  • Analytics and reports to make effective data-driven decisions.
  • Tookan helps you to take charge and manage your team from anywhere.                                                                                                              
  • Reduced management costs as all deliveries related processes are streamlined.

Eager to know how much does Tookan Cost? We have a pay as you go plans with prices starting as low as 10 cents with a robust platform for your delivery business needs. 

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