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Field agent communication gets smoother: Tookan introduces new chat feature

By Sahil Sankhla 1st June 2018

Efficient communication is the backbone of any business and, accordingly, Tookan is making delivery management much more streamlined by enabling the admin to smoothly communicate with all his agents through an in-built chat option directly from the admin dashboard.

tookan chat feature for admin and agent

This will allow the admin to communicate efficiently to one particular agent or a group of agents regarding any issue, alert or notice. With this feature, agents will be also be able to proactively reach out to the admin at any time and get the required information almost instantly. Communication will become much more transparent and smooth which will ensure that the workforce is able to carry out its operations without any hassle. Also, the admin and the agents will not have to solely rely on calls to communicate with each other. This will reduce the calling costs by more than 89%.

Earlier, the admin and the agents faced problems in contacting each other during emergency but, now, in case of any discrepancy, the chat feature will allow them to contact each other and communicate the necessary actions to be taken. Agents will be able to get real-time notifications for task assignment and other details through chat along with push notifications, as per the requirement of the business. Time to connect two tasks will be heavily reduced.

With the chat feature supporting internal communication between the admin and the agents, it will be much easier for businesses to manage their workforce and ensure higher levels of productivity without any confusion about tasks and routes.

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