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Different Ways To Retain Your Courier Delivery Business Agents And Customers

By Tanvir Singh 14th October 2020

A business is an amalgamation of numerous operations that demand consistency and efficiency. For delivery businesses, this era is highly competitive and holds promising opportunities. Thus, smart management can drive high success rates and booming growth!

While it may seem like delivery businesses are putting in tremendous efforts, many of them eventually end up losing their positions in the competition. The inability to retain their business agents and customers is a major factor fuelling their downfall. The struggle of managing bulk orders and making customers reach the delight stage is real!

Thankfully, there is immense hope for you if you are planning to extend your business and willfully make smart modifications to your existing operations. Following is a compilation of easy yet effective ways that will help you in retaining your delivery business agents as well as customers. Give them a glance;

#1   Eliminate The Hassle For Your Agents

A happy business agent is your key to achieve long-lasting customer satisfaction! Everyone wants their job to be simple and understandable. Your organization should strive to simplify the work of the agents by providing them maximum assistance in a smart manner, which will ultimately lead to timely deliveries.

This way, it will be easier for your agents to ensure proficiency in their work and hence make your business a desirable choice for them.

#2   Achieve Excellence In Route Optimization

 We live in a country of perplexing route connections where finding a destination can be exhausting. Optimizing the routes for your delivery agents is an essential step towards easing their struggle and avoiding hefty mismanagement amidst the delivery process.

Every business enthusiast knows how important it is to acknowledge and resolve the hardships faced by employees. When such problems are addressed, it automatically adds up to customer retention and loyalty.

#3   Manage Your Warehouses Well

Are your warehouse operations effectively managed? The secret to the success of your delivery business resides in your warehouse!

It is always advised to maintain organized and updated records of packet entries, out for delivery packets, return orders, etc. Warehouse management indicates your overall performance as a business and also indicates your performance to delivery agents. The presence of loopholes in warehouse management can cause problems for customers too.

#4   Establish A Strong Communication Channel

It is always necessary to emphasize the power of communication. A strong communication channel functioning amongst your agents and customers will improve your performance manifolds by helping the agents avoid unwanted errors and mismanagement.

A strong communication channel also increases the transparency of operations between agents and customers, thus benefiting both of them throughout the process. Any miscommunication can thus be dealt with easily.

#5   Kindness Goes A Long Way

In these complicated circumstances, being kind and considerate towards one another helps this world become an inclusive place for all. A business is a collective effort of people working on all levels to achieve milestones and create benchmarks.

While businesses generally focus on seamless customer support, your business should function on the pillars of humility, kindness, and a supportive approach towards your service agents as well. When your business becomes worthy of consideration, it will definitely perform wondrously with a remarkable agent and customer retention!

#6 Encourage your agents with lucrative Bonus

Delivery agents are doing a great job by offering their services to your business. Though they are paid for their task, an addition of little monetary appreciation goes a long way. This is a way to create a progressive approach in your agent’s minds and let them know that you do care for them. This works in two ways. One, your agents will be excited to perform well to claim their bonus, and second, they will not leave you. The ratio of retention increases with this simple strategy. 

#7 Enroute them for connected task

If you expect performance from your delivery agents, you need to make sure they have your back. With the help of courier dispatch software, it would be easy for you to analyze the deliverables for the day and can sort them into a connected task. This will allow the agent to go for all the deliveries that will come on the same route. 

And many more! 

Make your agents retain in your business by offering them the right technology. Having listed all these amazing tactics, the question of “How” is bound to arise. Isn’t it exhausting and expensive to make such additions to your business? What if you could actually incorporate all of them by picking up a single and simple solution?

Yes, you read that right! We introduce you to the seven-in-one amazing tool, “Tookan”. The smart and dynamic delivery management software offers you instant solutions to drive humongous improvement in your business’ performance and escalate the retention stats of business delivery agents and customers! Get in touch with Team Tookan now. 

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