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Let’s bust 5 common myths related to delivery businesses

By Tahira Bhasin 16th February 2024

Hey folks! The market for delivery business is growing like never before. Climbing up the ladder though, one always tends to get doubtful. Especially with myths abound and around you. We understand, that’s why we are here to bust them. Let’s get started. 

Myth 1: Customers only want free deliveries 

Free deliveries? Ofcourse, if you offer something free, you are going to be preferred, initially. But, what about the money?

Free deliveries is a double edged sword and should be used very carefully. You might grab eyeballs in the beginning, but it is just a myth that customers prefer free deliveries. 

Customers these days acknowledge the convenience and comfort provided to them and they are ready to pay. They just want you to be reasonable and if that’s the case there’s no stopping you. 

Myth 2: Delivery drivers don’t matter

Woah! This is a huge one. Often, before starting a business, one thinks that delivery drivers are easy to get and manage. True, it has become a lucrative option for many, but before reaching to a conclusion, just consider the labor shortage. 

Drivers are not only difficult to get but also extremely tough to sustain. And managing them is a whole different task. So, it’s better to think of your fleet and riders as an important asset and treat them accordingly. 

With softwares like Tookan, driver management and payouts is super easy and can make your life and business smooth. 

Myth 3: Big data is not for local businesses 

Data is important, no matter the size of your business. Be it a large enterprise, a small and medium organization or a local company, data can do wonders for your business.

Understanding your audience is crucial to your delivery business. It can help you in increasing your fleet efficiency, provide better customer experience and to make informed decisions. 

Myth 4: My business cannot beat the big players

Big players are big, of course they are! They can burn a lot of cash and do a lot of promotions. But, they do not have the USP of the local players. Which is trust and access. 

This is the real power of the local heroes, their community. And believe us, we have umpteen customers who have achieved this. 

All you need is determination and the right technology to back you. And sky’s the limit, really! 

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Myth 5: Delivery businesses do not require innovation 

Every business requires innovation is the ultimate rule. And it is not to be messed with. The delivery industry is growing and customers are expanding. Younger customers prefer their deliveries to be quicker, smarter and more in their style. 

For that, innovative techniques and new softwares that enhance your efficiency and make them flaunt you, is a must. 

So, gear up folks, get rid of that foggy mind, and rise to success. Even the most seasoned entrepreneurs can be blinded by these myths, so cut the crap and focus. 

Happy Delivering!

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