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Digitalizing Warehouse Inventory: Smart Move To Speed Up Your Business Operations!

By Tannu Sharma 31st January 2020

Are your business operations overshadowed with the burden of managing the logistics? Are you tired of facing errors with mismatched delivery and receiving parcels at every alternate day?  The struggle to keep up all your business processes rightly for warehouse management is real. But, let us ask you, what is your action plan to deal with this crisis?

We are sure, you must be looking for a concrete and reliable solution that can effortlessly overcome the challenge of bringing your inventory management process at the right place. To end up your worries, you can confidently rely upon a robust delivery management system that would help you to keep all the pieces in the right place. Curious to know, how is it possible? Go ahead and read about all the important facts of introducing a perfect delivery management process such as Tookan that can make wonders when it comes to promptly optimize the warehouse inventory management process of your business. 

The Barcode Feature: Exclusive Way To Begin Inventory Management Process

Think about sorting your tons of packages with a single scan! No, it’s not an illusion but is a reality that has helped many businesses to sail the boat of smooth warehouse management proficiently. 

The smart Barcode feature allows a business owner to cut down his expense of adding additional manpower and reduce the probability of human errors, that are most likely to happen when you have a bulk order to carry out the inventory management process.  

The barcode feature is pretty easy to implement if you already have Tookan as a Delivery Management System. Smart devices equipped with Tookan software offer businesses the ability to optimize the proof of delivery process, freeing up driver’s time, eliminating paperwork and speeding up the billing cycle. Enterprises can leverage data capture-enabled smart devices to lower delivery costs and preserve profitability. The only requirement other than the basic necessities of the platform is having hardware for printing the barcode. This depends on the scale of orders that one has in the system. By the end of 2020, it is expected that 50% of all manufacturing supply chains will have the capability, either in house or outsourced to enable direct to consumption shipments and home delivery.

What Difference Can An Inventory Management Process Bring To Your Business?

If researches are to be believed, about 79% of businesses who are capable of delivering high supply chain performances are able to make higher revenue figures for their businesses, as compared to other businesses that lack to improvise their existing poor supply chain processes. So, the decision is yours! Under which category of performance, you would like to see yourself?

Moreover, staying stable in the competitive market will be further challenged from time to time by others. 

Here is the time, when you need to think about competing with your existing business presence and scale- up your business operations. And it is as easy as you have ever thought of! No, we are not joking.  The ultimate credit to let a business think and enjoy the expansion goes to a powerful delivery management system that can lead the process of inventory management like a pro. 

Here is the list of benefits your business can experience: 

  1. Say No To Human Errors: With the advance technology of managing your business logistics via a barcode as a part of the inventory management process, you could expect no errors in managing and delivering the parcels, even in cases of bulk orders. 
  2. Escalate the Business Process: It has also been observed that with the association of proper warehouse management, it would be easier to arrange and optimize the bulk orders at less time. Around 30% of businesses agree that their customers look for faster delivery. 
  3. Reduce the Manpower Cost: Shifting your warehouse management process to a digital platform would allow you to cut down the manpower cost and increase your business efficiency to the maximum.

These benefits clearly explain, why it is important to switch your business operations with a powerful delivery management software. Tookan is one of the most preferred software that allows you to experience the privilege of managing your inventory like a pro. 

Here are a few of the important points that you must know, how the Barcode verification feature of Tookan helps you to accomplish the same.

1. Barcodes can be auto-generated for every task or you can add your own barcode value.

2. You can configure whether you want to use the same barcode for connected tasks or different barcodes.

3. The barcode can be exported in a format that is configurable. Once exported, the barcode can be pasted on the item to be delivered.

4. The manager can also scan the barcode through the manager app and fetch the order details. This feature can be used for sorting orders in a warehouse.

5. The agent needs to scan the barcode and verify it in order to complete the task.

Isn’t it a smarter way to manage your inventory management process?

So,  it is obvious that choosing a powerful delivery management process such as Tookan can help you to build-up your business empire in the market without much of inventory struggles.

Many of the businesses have already taken the wise decision to join their hands with Tookan! So, what are you waiting for? Get your business a perfect delivery management software today!!

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