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How to Retain Your Delivery Agents in the Coronavirus Epidemic?

By Tannu Sharma 11th March 2020

Coronavirus is not a new term for the World. The panic situation is on its exaggerated verge after the virus hitting more than 99 countries across the globe. As per the latest statistical data, the death toll has increased to 3,826 as of 09 March 2020. The chaotic turbulence is much expected in this crucial period of time which is directly attributing to disturb our personal as well as professional lives.

Speaking in stretch about how it has impacted the global economy, we have the deteriorating revenue reports of the business world. The Covid- 19 outbreak has cripple badly the business operations and is subjected to create more stress in the coming time. This global epidemic has made the businesses struggle more when it comes to customer handling. Reason? At times, when people are haunted by the contamination of Coronavirus, who wants to go ahead and continue his services in the public? 

The struggle is real for all the business providers who are somewhere dependent upon the delivery agents to cater their services to the potential customers. The biggest challenge that these businesses are facing now is the trouble in retaining these service agents to carry out their services just like they do in the past. 

If you too fall under this category, here are some of the must-to- implement steps that can help you to retain your delivery agents even in this turbulent time. 

Strategies to retain your delivery agents 

Abundant the supply of surgical masks

The first thing that you should add in your work process is the addition of the surgical masks that should become mandatory for your delivery agents while they are on the job. The good-enough supply of masks will help them to stay free from the thought of getting contaminated with the exposure of the virus. We all know, that right now there is much panic in the world rather than the practical ground reality. But to combat this situation, take one step ahead and as a precautionary measure, give your delivery agents, complimentary masks so that they can use them at the time of requirements. 

Stock them with alcohol-based sanitizer

As per the expert’s advice, one should keep himself sanitize every time he moves out of the home or in case of public dealing. The moment your delivery agents get out to do their job, it is your prime duty to ensure that they have followed the basic health protocol. And the most basic among them is to get their hands sterilized with an alcohol-based sanitizer. It will help in avoiding even the tiniest of chances to get in touch with Covid-19. If you wish to keep and retain your loyal delivery agents to your business, make sure you offer them a handful of stock of sanitizer.

Navigate them to proper route

You can not take any risk of letting your delivery agents struggle hard to reach to their assigned destination. To make sure that they are backed-up with the right route optimization, get them a real-time location map access. It would help in offering them a quick chance to get their jobs done without any much trouble. Picking up a delivery management software that is well supported with the navigation of maps will help in letting you connect with the proper route of the places where your order needs to be delivered. 

Organize a workshop detailing about do’s and don’t’s 

Yes, educating your delivery agents about the epidemic and how one could prevent himself from getting infected with it, is a smart step that would allow your delivery agents to put their trust vote on you. It will also help in reducing the panic around and will be a contribution of yours to the society. You can send push notifications, messages about the right information to your delivery agents. Tookan is a much-appreciated delivery management software that is showing the face of successful technology to the businesses in such an epidemic. 

A token of appreciation

Last but not the least, appreciate your people, your delivery agents who are on your side even in such panic. They deserve your gratitude at times and this is the right time to show it. You can send a thank you message to them via your delivery management software or could give them a complimentary off to extend your gratitude towards them. 

Just in case you missed;

Keeping your work operations grounded and consistent is a tough job when the world is already struggling to come in terms with the deadly outbreak of Covid-19. However, if you are doing it, pat your back because you are doing a great job. To reduce your operational stress, you can think of keeping your business assisted with a top delivery management software. It helps you to keep yourself close to your delivery agents as well as to your potential customers. 

We urge you not to roam around and get in another task for finding a suitable delivery management solution for your business. Get Tookan’s help to build a custom-based software that can help you to get your business requirements fulfilled in one go.

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