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    Top 10 Best Online Ordering Systems

    The pandemic had a profound impact on our lifestyles and also on the way we eat.  Off-site dining is the new normal, and online ordering systems are our new friends. Whether it be the usual early morning caffeine-run or the occasional steak dinner, the ordering systems take care of it all. It’s a no-brainer for […]

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    Delivery Industry Trends Post Pandemic

    In the Chinese language, the word “crisis” is composed of two characters, one representing danger and the other, opportunity. [Source: Wikipedia] While the world was crashing, many industries, especially, the delivery industry, stumbled on the side of caution. The logistics industry was quick to resume operations as the demand for online products and services skyrocketed. But the delivery operations […]

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    How to Optimise Your Delivery Fleet? Ultimate Guide

    How to Optimise Your Delivery Fleet - The Ultimate Guide: Tookan

    A whopping 15.05 billion home deliveries were expected to be made in 2020. These were orders from hungry customers, professionals working from home, students, homemakers, and people from all walks of life.  And when the revenue in the platform-to-consumer delivery sector reaches the expected US$76,608 million in 2021, you can expect stiff competition to bag […]

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    Reverse Logistics: A Solution to dispatch Optimisation

    Reverse Logistics

    Reverse logistics, a planned process of moving goods from the end-user to the seller or manufacturer, has commanded as much attention as conventional logistics in the past few years. The flexible return and exchange policies have begun to blur the line between online and in-store shopping experience. The pandemic has also caused an attitudinal shift […]

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    Business Plan – Online Delivery App for FMCG

    Online Delivery App for FMCG

    The Online delivery sector is one of the few segments that was continuously booming during the pandemic. In the UK alone, the delivery business has grown by 11.5% while other businesses struggle to keep their doors open. This has created a huge demand to create an on-demand delivery app for Fast Moving Consumer Goods due […]

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    Why should Delivery Businesses integrate with an Intelligent Chatbot?

    It has become crucial for businesses to resolve customer queries and problems as rapidly as possible with a 24X7 presence. The faster a business can solve customer queries, the better customer loyalty they can expect and the more their business can grow. Like everything else, technology has found its way in helping businesses better their […]

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    On-demand Apps: A peak into the FUTURE!

    On-demand Apps

    How is your mood today? Fulfilled or hungry, tired or calm, satisfactory or disappointed? How about eating a double-cheese Margherita pizza to scare away blues or sending a personalised handmade card to make the day of your loved ones? Just wish, and an on demand delivery app will be there for you. Luckily, you live […]

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    Why use Tookan SDK over SMS link for tracking?

    While a better User-Interface, customer engagement, and enhanced performance are the obvious reasons to use SDK over SMS tracking link, here are some other key pointer that can help you quickly move to SDK. Cost-Effectiveness On average, a standard SMS gateway cost around $10-12 per user per month. Suppose you have a new business which […]

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    Saving Lives with Tookan- RedCross!

    “We see everyday 100’s of lives saved with Tookan” – Mr Nilesh Ghedia, Red Cross India. International Federation of Redcross is the world’s largest humanitarian network that reaches 150 million people in 192 National Societies through the work of over 13.7 million volunteers with the aim to deliver Blood and Organs directly to the people […]

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    This is why Enterprises should integrate with Tookan (Even if you have your own Custom Tech Solution)

    Traditionally, management of fleet on street has not been a source of revenue for most enterprises, thus it was left behind in the path of technological advancement and optimisation.  But, fleet management is a function that needs continuous improvement in efficiency, productivity and compliance.  This is why enterprises should go with a SAAS based model […]

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