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Why use Tookan SDK over SMS link for tracking?

By Tanvir Singh 23rd April 2021

While a better User-Interface, customer engagement, and enhanced performance are the obvious reasons to use SDK over SMS tracking link, here are some other key pointer that can help you quickly move to SDK.


On average, a standard SMS gateway cost around $10-12 per user per month. Suppose you have a new business which caters to only 400-500 customers. This cost could impact heavily on the bottom line. Although the price per use comes down when the user base increases, it is still an overhead that can be abolished using a Tookan SDK.

Offline Connectivity

SDK enhances offline connectivity, using Caching on customer app, which is often a key requirement for enterprise clients. No matter if you are online or offline, none of your work will go in vain. Your work progress is documented even if you don’t have an active internet connection. SDK will continue to track your work progress. Once you get back, this data will be updated to your report. It is an advance way to sync the offline time data when the internet connection is back to a stable condition.

Better Stability

SDK’s tend to have a high median stability because they are specialized to work for tracking and solidity. Stability in essence, can be linked to reliability and customer satisfaction.

Branding opportunity

Staying on top of your customer’s mind is always a top priority for any business and switching away from the App and moving to an SMS link bring a fatal chance of losing the engagement with the user.


Tookan Tracking SDK which can be integrated with any app for smooth live tracking. SDK would give the users the flexibility to display Tookan’s tracking data with the UI and UX of their choice. Even in the SDK, most of the components like the map theme, polyline, icons etc are configurable, giving the users the freedom to design a UI of their own. 

The SDK comes with detailed documentation in order to guide the developers during the integration process. It works on a plug and plays model, wherein you can either have an in-house developer execute the integration or have one of our techies do it for you.

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