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Why should Delivery Businesses integrate with an Intelligent Chatbot?

By Tanvir Singh 28th April 2021

It has become crucial for businesses to resolve customer queries and problems as rapidly as possible with a 24X7 presence. The faster a business can solve customer queries, the better customer loyalty they can expect and the more their business can grow. Like everything else, technology has found its way in helping businesses better their customer support by removing the limitations of human constraints. With the introduction of a chatbot, the customer service industry has been revolutionized. 

A chatbot is essentially a computer program that can have real conversations with customers and offer them guidance and solutions for their queries. A well-developed chatbot can not just understand spoken and written text but also lookup relevant information and offer it to customers. You can even assign distinct personalities to your chatbot to better align them with your brand voice. Rightfully considered the future of customer service, chatbots are particularly important for delivery businesses.

Wondering why? Here are some reasons.

1. Increased lead generation:

Today, businesses run in an omnichannel model that allows them to offer their products and services across websites, social media platforms, and many other channels. With an AI chatbot, you can better communicate with your customers through existing messaging platforms like Messenger. For delivery businesses, this is crucial since it allows new customers to reach out to the business for their services without having to manually call them. You can personalize the chatbot messages to drive new leads and grow your business.

2. Deliver 24/7 customer support:

Given the nature of the delivery business, it’s paramount that customers have a way of enquiring about their orders whenever they want. With 24/7 customer support, you can ensure you’re there for your customers all the time. Chatbots are the perfect solution for offering 24/7 support since they can promptly respond to common customer queries irrespective of time. According to a report, the quality of customer experience is considered a competitive business advantage for almost 62% of companies. If you offer 24/7 customer support, your delivery business can score brownie points for customer satisfaction.

3. Increased customer engagement:

No matter which business you run, engaging with your customers is a prerequisite. On average, businesses that regularly engage with their customers increase customer spends by up to 40%. Customer engagement isn’t just getting marketing emails and notifications to your customers. It’s also about how well you respond to customers and the speed of response as well. With a chatbot, your delivery business can offer personalized one-on-one responses to customers, drastically improving their experience with you. A happy and satisfied customer is much more likely to engage with your business in the future and even recommend your services to others. With chatbots added to your communication channels, your customers can easily engage with you.

4. Time saver:

For businesses, time is money. Unfortunately, your employees’ interaction with customers can eat up a lot of their time. With a powerful chatbot as the first level of support for customers, you can save your team’s time and make them more productive. The best part about using chatbots as the first line of communication with customers is that more advanced queries can be easily diverted to your team. According to studies, chatbots are expected to help businesses save approximately $8 billion annually by 2022. With an efficient chatbot that can answer simple customer queries and offer effective solutions, you can reduce operational costs and manpower requirements too.

5. Easy scalability of support:

Delivery businesses often need to scale up considerably in a short period to meet growing demands. But delivery businesses that continue offering customer support via live agents will find it much more difficult to scale up. They’ll have to hire more support agents, train them, and generally pay a lot of money for infrastructure as well. But chatbots can be easily scaled up as per your business requirements. Unlike a human agent who can answer maybe 2-3 customers at a time, chatbots can simultaneously handle thousands of conversations without being overburdened. Chatbots can be easily scaled to handle high chat volume while saving your delivery business time and money.

6. Better team productivity:

Chatbots are the future of customer service for every kind of business. While chatbots aren’t expected to completely take over the customer service space, they will become the primary support and the first line of defense against customer queries. Any query that cannot be satisfactorily answered by a chatbot can be diverted to human agents. With automated chatbot responses, you can provide your team the leeway required to enhance their productivity and focus on more important tasks. Some of the common queries that chatbots can easily handle for delivery businesses include order status, return policy, and delivery time. Automate these responses and almost 70% of your queries can be answered without human intervention.

7. Reduce human errors:

Humans make mistakes. It’s a given fact that when manual work is involved, there’s a lot of risk of errors associated with humans. From errors in the collection of customer information to sharing the wrong information with them, there are many ways humans can mess up the customer service experience. With chatbots, you’re assured of error-free customer service and can avoid any potential complications. This happens because chatbots are programmed to collect and retrieve the right information, removing the possibility of any error. Enhanced accuracy when it comes to customer service is also important for brand value and customer retention.

If you’re running a delivery business and need help with chatbots, Hippo is the solution for you. Hippo is a live chat software that helps you engage with your customers courtesy of its chatbot and live support software. Using Hippo, you can assist your customers rapidly with personalized live chat support on websites and apps. You can also automate chat assignments and keep your customers on priority with equal distribution of workload. 

Looking for ways to start your delivery business? Tookan, an end-to-end delivery management solution, is exactly what you need. Boasting powerful features like dispatch dashboard, inventory management, automatic barcode generation, and smart analytics, Tookan can help you get your delivery business off the ground in no time. 

Learn more about how we can help you start your delivery business or transition from live agents to a chatbot for customer service.

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