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This is why Enterprises should integrate with Tookan (Even if you have your own Custom Tech Solution)

By Tanvir Singh 24th March 2021

Traditionally, management of fleet on street has not been a source of revenue for most enterprises, thus it was left behind in the path of technological advancement and optimisation.  But, fleet management is a function that needs continuous improvement in efficiency, productivity and compliance. 

This is why enterprises should go with a SAAS based model instead of completely owning it with a custom solution.

Following are some of the common questions that we often come across. 

I already have a custom tech solution for my business, why do I need anything else?

We at Tookan believe in minimizing the time and effort spent in handling operational and logistical tasks, which can be otherwise mitigated without expert technological aid. Now it’s time to go into depth and explore industry-leading features which allow you to categorise your fleet according to zones (Geofencing), capture specific information through a custom field template, receive proof of delivery, reduce paperwork and much more. 

Will it work with my existing tech solution?

Yes, of course. We have launched tracking SDKs for businesses to avail of the real-time tracking ability through any native applications. Our SDK is fully compatible, essentially, it works on a plug-and-play model, wherein you can either have an in-house developer execute the integration or have one of our techies do it for you. The SDK comes with detailed documentation in order to guide the developers during the integration process. 

Is my Data Protected from breach, accidental corruption and Scalability issues? 

Data security and integrity are at the core of Tookan. Tookan is hosted on a highly reliable server and is continuously monitored by a team of experts. Clients can also opt for a separate server.

Will Tookan integrate with my CRM/ Accounting Software/ Payment Gateways or SMS Gateways? 

Seamlessly Integrate Tookan with 120+ already existing extensions in one-click. Tookan has built-in support for 120+ varieties of CRM’s, payment gateways, SMS gateways, chatbots, email automation and much more.
If you can’t find your software, just ping us and we will do it for you. 

Only when a business is free from the need to micromanage each detail can a business truly blossom! Most of our effort is directed towards this pursuit by innovating and developing increasingly adaptive solutions.

Our team at Tookan continually strives for improvement and innovation. At the same time, we believe that the best way to do that is to stay constantly engaged with those who use our services every day. 

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