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    What makes a successful marketing campaign


    Crafting a marketing campaign that drives compelling results is an art. It requires sophistication, creativity, and a strong blueprint before it hit the floors. These results can be subjective, making it essential to define what you want to achieve in a marketing campaign. Do you want to increase your sales? Or do you want to […]

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    FedEx Business model – Operational Insights and Revenue Streams

    delivery services

    “Happiness is getting a package from FedEx.” A brilliant idea owes its existence to a college assignment. The revolutionary concept that is responsible for first centralizing the courier delivery. The idea that promises you to deliver your package safely in one piece, the idea that also incited the delivery tracking system’s patent, the concept that […]

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    Different Ways To Retain Your Courier Delivery Business Agents And Customers

    delivery business

    A business is an amalgamation of numerous operations that demand consistency and efficiency. For delivery businesses, this era is highly competitive and holds promising opportunities. Thus, smart management can drive high success rates and booming growth! While it may seem like delivery businesses are putting in tremendous efforts, many of them eventually end up losing […]

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    All-In-One Social Feed Feature

    social feed

    Panther’s Social feeds feature is here to make consultations simpler and better than ever. Read on to know more about what new features have been added to Panther’s full-stack consultation marketplace builder.  In this age of the pandemic, online consultations have become the preferred mode of operation for se rvice providers like tutors, lawyers, astrologers, […]

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    Dropshipping business: The ins and outs of starting a low investment business model


    One of the easiest ways to earn money in 2020 is starting a dropshipping business. The popularity of dropshipping businesses has increased exponentially with the growth of Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, and other online marketplaces. Add to that an inexpensive entry point and an easy setup process, and the dropshipping business market has never been more […]

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    The partnership is a smart association between two or more individuals. As the world is turning digital, so are the products. Software as a service (SAAS) is the most talk-about product in the market. SAAS model helps the client and the company to work together. The company benefits from skilled individuals working as their partner […]

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    Amplify CRM experience with Bulbul


    Whether it’s a great tech infrastructure or tools required by your sales team, you would want to invest in the best technology that there is in your company. And to keep your company running, you need to generate revenue consistently. When we talk about making money, what comes to our minds? The sales team.  To […]

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    Scale your business with the Channel and Reseller partners

    scale your business

    Is running an online/offline business easy? Ask an entrepreneur who does every nitty-gritty to make more customers.  After facing a challenging period with a fund headache when you see your company is growing and becoming steady and foreseeable, you feel fortunate.  But in this competitive world with limited resources, you should look for new ideas […]

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    Calling Banner — How to make an incoming call notification banner in Android using Service


    In today’s modern world all of the technology is inter-connected digitally. So, are we humans, aren’t we? Well, in a way we are. In our busy lives we don’t get much time to travel places or go to our relatives who live far away from us. We can only communicate with them using our calling […]

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    Hunt the Content in Open Directories through Google Search Engine.


    In pandemic covid19, we’ all are suffering at some extent by remaining at our homes and for entertainment purpose in the day by day life, everybody buying in paid ott benefits yet at the same time a few of us require content which is as yet not accessible on ott and have limitations to move […]

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