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White-label Business Opportunity Ideas for Entrepreneurs

By Priyanka 20th May 2021

As the digital wave transforms the business realm, having a unique online presence is inevitable for companies to thrive in these times of cut-throat competition. Therefore, having a white-label application is the need of the hour for businesses to create their own identity.

However, to build a software app or a website, many entrepreneurs are not capable of bearing the financial and HR costs. This is where a generic product, like a white-label app, comes into the picture. If you have just started out as an entrepreneur or are on a path to escalate your business online, leveraging the benefits of white-label applications is a wise choice. But What are White-label Apps? Is it a Good Idea to Build a White-label App?

This article aims to give you a brief introduction to the same and help you take the first step towards building a stellar online abode for your business. 

Ideas for White Label Marketplace Apps In 2021 - Yelo

Ideas for White Label Marketplace Apps In 2021

There are two ways of developing a white-label app. It can either be developed on a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform or as a backend code. The difference lies in their underlying architecture and hosting capabilities. 

SaaS app works on a robust code and offers fixed UX/UI design and unlimited scalability. The vendors can use the app with just minimal changes to customise it to their brand requirements. 

White label app developed on a backend code allows vendors to re-engineer the app to their needs. Vendors can create a highly customised UX/UI interface with limited scalability.  

Now that you know how each of them can add value to your business needs. Here are some of the areas where you can ideate ways to use these generic apps:

White Label Delivery App

Delivery management requires real-time updates and tracking of the package. Building one from scratch requires a pool of expertise that can add overhead costs to your company. Investing in a white-label app developed specifically to improve your delivery management system saves you time and money.

White Label Food Ordering App

If you want to create a platform but have talent restrictions, you must consider buying a white label food ordering app. It includes all the essentials: automated order management, delivery dispatch and tracking, along with provisions for marketing campaigns.

White Label Laundry App

If you are on the quest to help customers with clean and dry laundry through your services, you must have a feature-rich mobile app.

You can use white label apps and add custom features. Like automated and seamless order pickup/drop services, customised booking forms, and much more.

Not only this, a well structured and flexible white label app builder gives you the option to venture and explore various other business areas such as white-label ordering app for food and grocery delivery and pick up services, white label taxi app for uber like taxi apps, and much more.

For those in the food business, you can use the white label restaurant ordering app. To set up online ordering and delivery services for your customers. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Launching a White Label App

Advantages and Disadvantages of Launching a White Label App - Yelo

There are numerous reasons why you should opt for a while label app. Some of them are:

  • Low Software Development Costs:

Think of the initial investment you need to put in to launch your mobile app. The high cost is one of the reasons that hinder the growth of a startup company. However, with white-label apps, you can enter the software development realm with minimal costs without compromising the features. 

  • Quick Launch:

If you develop a software from scratch, it may take a lot of time to launch the final product. 

When you use a white label app, you reduce the time to market as you have a ready-made solution. This way, you encash the software solution faster to gain profits over time.

  • Tried and Tested Product:

As you have a ready-made app on your plate that is crafted based on heavy research. That revolves around the user’s expectations, you can worry less about incurring a loss. It also increases the probability of launching a glitch-free app for your business.

  • No Compromise on Brand Identity

White label products do not compromise on your brand identity. You can modify the app and rebrand or resell it as per your business requirements. With minimal cost and IT talent, you create a bespoke app for your company. 

Even with these lucrative advantages, it does come with its baggage of possible disadvantages. Some of them are:

  • Limited Scalability:

In cases when you decide to expand your business, white-label apps may create a roadblock. However, with a proficient software provider like yelo on your side, this issue is most unlikely to occur. 

  • Data separation and Ownership Access:

Not all white label apps are flexible and accommodate changes as per your business requirements. Not choosing the right white label app builder may lead to data separation issues, as all the data is stored on the cloud.

Yelo ensures that data for each tenant is placed separately, even in a multi-tenancy system. 

Take Your Business Online with Yelo

Do you want to enjoy the gamut of benefits while label apps have to offer to your flourishing business? Yelo is one of the most reliable platforms where you can build one for your company. You can launch your online marketplace on a SaaS platform with just a click of a button. 

Yelo offers scalable and cost-effective white-label apps that adapt to the needs of your business. Sign up on Yelo to explore their wide range of offerings. Partner with them to resell, rebrand or integrate their white label apps into your software services. 

Yelo’s on-demand business software modules are not only simple but efficient in all ways. Your IT team can focus on creating an exuberant customer base by introducing some changes to the white-label software. 

It offers a perfect platform to understand your customer’s behaviour through the inbuilt business analytics feature. You can also enable real-time chat into your app for a personalised customer relationship easily. 


Being an entrepreneur in this digital age is not a piece of cake. With growing competition, you need to look for ways to enhance your online brand identity. Using a white label mobile application for your business is the right decision to launch your services with minimal investment.

With Yelo white label app builder, you get easy access to the online world at minimal costs

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