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Best Multi-vendor Marketplace Software

By Priyanka 26th April 2021

Innovation is the key to the present world. Businesses across the globe are flooded with new and innovative products to quench the modern requirements of people. However, most businesses still struggle to succeed as they are not unable to expand their business to a wider audience.

To help such businesses in their growth journey, we have multi-vendor marketplaces. Multi-vendor marketplaces benefit many small business owners and entrepreneurs to not only scale up but also to reach the right audience. 

Customers love variety but do not like to visit multiple websites to shop for a product. This core pain point of a customer is solved by a multi-vendor marketplace.

What is a multi-vendor marketplace?

Here is a definition of a multi-vendor marketplace – 

“It is a platform where multiple vendors can list and sell anything and everything in one place.”

Amazon is a classic example of a multi-vendor marketplace – 

What is a multi-vendor marketplace?

Unless you are living under the rocks, you know what Amazon is. It’s a typical B2C marketplace where you can sell or buy everyday products – all in one place. As a customer, when you search for a product,  you can find different sellers offering the same product. You can compare the prices, benefits and even know how good each seller is from the customer feedback.

If you are a seller, then with the help of a multi-vendor marketplace, you can always keep an eye on your competitors. Such multi-vendor marketplaces also help the sellers manage orders, payments, and shipping in return for a small fee to the multi-vendor marketplace owners.

However, creating and managing a multi-vendor marketplace is not easy, especially when you have limited experience in coding—this is where a multi-vendor marketplace creation platform like Yelo can help.

What is Yelo?

Yelo is a multi-vendor marketplace software that helps you set up your own marketplace with ease. 

multi-vendor marketplace software

The best part is you can create and launch it within a day, all without coding. Through Yelo, you can build  – 

  • Product Marketplace like Amazon 
  • Services Marketplace like Urbancompany
  • Freelance Marketplace like Upwork
  • Rent out Marketplace like Furlenco

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are hundreds of businesses that you can start with Yelo. Here are some business ideas for you to start with Yelo. 

Yelo comes with more than 100+ payment gateway integration, 15+ language support, social media integrations, Google Analytics support – a complete tech suite to compete with the industry leaders.

What are the benefits offered by Yelo?

By partnering with Yelo, you can experience the following benefits

Enhanced Customer Experience

  • To enhance the customer experience, Yelo not only offers a mobile-friendly website but also dedicated Android and iOS apps for your marketplace.
  • There are bots and live chat facilities to support your vendors 24*7. 
  • Thanks to geofencing, you can track the end user’s location and show them products based on it. 
  • The end users can search by keywords, dates, and categories in the marketplace. They can also sort by price, name, and rating. 
  • You also get access to a comprehensive rating and review system to tracking what the end-users think about the product. 
  • With the help of multiple free themes, you can make your marketplace look premium and world-class.

Improved Operations

  • With Yelo’s merchant apps, your merchants will be able to swiftly fulfil orders, manage inventory, and update their store. 
  • To deliver the product on time, Yelo provides you with real-time tracking to manage routes and schedules in one place. 
  • You can easily control your meta-tags, visible sitemap, and robots.txt files in an instant. 
  • We will constantly be monitoring your websites so there won’t be any downfall in the hosting.
  • There won’t be any restrictions on the number of users, traffic, listings, or images.

Better Security

  • To make your marketplace a safe place for the end-users – we offer you a private marketplace where you can choose your sellers only through invitation. 
  • To secure your information and customer data, we will also be offering you an SSL certificate.

Want more? Check out our complete list of benefits here.

Different plans of Yelo

To cater to a wide array of audience, Yelo offers four different plans with multiple layers of features – 

  • Hobby – Ideal for individuals
  • Startup – Ideal for small businesses
  • Standard – Ideal for medium-sized businesses
  • Growth – Ideal for large enterprises

Most of the benefits such as unlimited users, own domain, social logins, inventory management, promo codes, discount coupons, etc., are common across all plans. 

To know more about the different features under every plan, click here

All the plans can be paid annually. You also have the luxury to pay for the Standard and Growth plans semi-annually. 

To reduce your burden in setting up a marketplace end to end, we also have two end to end plans – 

  1. Bucket 1
  2. Bucket 2

By picking any of the above plans, you will be assisted in setting up – 

  • Delivery management
  • Payment Gateways
  • Google Analytics, FB pixels
  • Commissions and cancellation management
  • Roles and manager access 
  • Setting up 5 merchants
  • Setting up 10 products in each category

And many more. 

Yelo’s free trial option

We know the value of money, and want to give the customers a taste of our exceptional services without spending a dime. Therefore, we’re offering all our customers a 14-day free trial pack.

You can now pick any plan starting from Hobby all the way to Growth and understand how the platform works, experience different features, and how Yelo is different from all other multi-vendor marketplace platforms out in the market. 

Sign up for a 14-day trial pack by clicking here.

Closing thoughts

A multi-vendor marketplace platform is undoubtedly a boon for any business, especially the growing ones. It’s a one-stop solution for accelerating your growth with a minimal budget. Ever since its inception, Yelo has been working with 30+ multi-vendor marketplaces and helped them turn into a renowned brand. If you are looking to set up a super simple multi-vendor marketplace, the time is ripe for you to join hands with us. 

If you have any questions or concerns, talk to a Yelo expert today.

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