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5 Best Alternatives to Sharetribe:

By Priyanka 15th August 2020

Nowadays, everyone needs everything at their doorstep: food, grocery, medicine, or home services. Starting an online business is a great move. Tons of people want marketplace software to get help with unified customer experience, product visualization, and SEO. What is challenging to find out is the platform that you choose is right for you. The most popular among all is Sharetribe, but the most popular doesn’t mean the best. Based on the reviews, we have compiled a list of platforms that are the best alternatives to Sharetribe.

5 Best Alternatives to Sharetribe:

Yelo :

Yelo builds online hyperlocal storefront and online marketplaces for entrepreneurs, businesses, and communities who wish to list stores and sell products or provide services. With Yelo, you can build your marketplace on your own with inbuilt features in the Saas model. Also, the vendor offers fully customizable solutions. With the easy-to-use interface of Yelo, even a non-technical person having no coding experience can build and run the marketplace on Yelo. Yelo offers a hassle-free onboarding process and intuitive user interface through its self-service product that allows you to build your online marketplace in a matter of minutes. Also, it offers an inhouse delivery management system that no other vendor provides. It has the maximum amount of features suited to run a full-blown marketplace globally.


Admin Dashboard.

Branded Ordering Website.

Branded Customer App.

Branded Merchant App.

Inhouse Delivery Management System.

Price: Starts at $39/mo


If you are looking to build an online peer-to-peer marketplace for rental business, then Tiger can do it for you. Tiger provides a SaaS-based online marketplace solution that helps entrepreneurs create a platform like Airbnb, Zillow, Etsy, and many more with Unlimited Transactions and Listings. Also, it can build a fully customizable marketplace tailored to your business. Tiger aims to be a one-stop solution that makes online marketplaces for property rental, equipment rental, travel, apparel, and many more use cases.


Admin Dashboard.

Seller Dashboard.

Website and App.

Split payment gateways.

Price: Starts at $39/mo


Arcadier can build online marketplaces for you, be it hyperlocal or peer-to-peer. In contrast to Sharetribe, which is an open-source platform, Arcadier has inbuilt templates. You can build your marketplace on your own using these templates. The only disadvantage is that the current Arcadier offers are not flexible enough to scale smoothly as your marketplace grows. Also, it does not offer delivery management, customer, and merchant apps. 


Admin Dashboard.

Ordering Website.

Inbuilt templates.

Shopping cart.

Price: Starts at $79/mo


Mirakl can build a fully customizable marketplace for you. Mirakl allows you to host thousands of individual vendors or just a handful as a high level of customization makes Mirakl highly scalable. The disadvantages with Mirakl are the lack of a large user base, developers may find it hard to quickly and easily locate community answers to common problems with set up and customization. Also, it doesn’t provide mobile apps and delivery management software. 


Admin dashboard.


Fully customizable.

Price:  Starts at $99/mo


Kreezalid is a SaaS-based platform that helps businesses create their marketplace, without the hassle of coding. Fully customizable Kreezalid provides you with a ready-to-sell market to sell or rent products, services or digital assets. Kreezalid offers an excellent, mobile-friendly & customizable design, essential features (listings, reviews, calendar, shipping, geolocation…) & additional features on demand. 


Admin dashboard.


Mobile App.


Price: Starts at $299.

This is the complete list of the most famous and competitive Sharetribe alternatives to create your online marketplace.

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