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    Location Using Fused API Client Provider in Kotlin


    I hope you find a better and generic solution for a fetch of the current location using fused Api client providers. I hope its a better solution in understanding and generic utility to used in MVP and MVVM application Software Architecture Design Pattern. Permission’s required in device Utility Code in Kotlin This is enough to […]

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    Online Makeup Classes: How to Start at Home with Minimal Investment

    make up class online

    What is a world without glamour? Makeup has now built an important place in this world. Women, as well as men, carry makeup as per their needs. Makeup has flourished as an art and is expanding its branches every day. Know everything about why online makeup classes is more beneficial than traditional one! Earlier makeup […]

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    How To Start Your Watercraft Rental

    Watercraft Rental Marketplace

    In today’s digital world, the rental business is picking up like a charm, and when it comes to adventure sport rental, you cannot draw a parallel to it.  By building an online marketplace to rent out watercraft, you can cater to all those adventurers who love getaways. Water therapy and being one with nature is […]

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    How to understand your Salary Structure and in-hand Salary


    Yes, we agree sometimes, it can be very tricky to understand the difference between your in-hand salary and CTC offered. Although it can be slightly composite to understand all the components of your CTC, and it varies from company to company, we are trying to answer a few commonly asked questions about CTC. Q1: What […]

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    5 Best Alternatives to Sharetribe:

    share tribe

    Nowadays, everyone needs everything at their doorstep: food, grocery, medicine, or home services. Starting an online business is a great move. Tons of people want marketplace software to get help with unified customer experience, product visualization, and SEO. What is challenging to find out is the platform that you choose is right for you. The […]

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