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    Breaking down the ‘Last Mile Delivery’: Meaning, Challenges and Solutions

    It is a truism in the on-demand industry today that in the entirety of the supply-chain, it is the very last step that is the most crucial, as well as the most problematic of them all. Owing to its place in the fag-end of the chain, it is often referred to as the ‘Last-Mile Delivery’. […]

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    Get Your On-Demand Beauty MVP In 10 Days

    Why Start With An MVP Getting the MVP to the market to validate your business idea or starting a new project is a great way to inspect your concept and understand the needs and requirements of your customers before putting more money into the game. Even though it sounds easy, but most of the startups […]

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    Integrate your Shopify Account with Tookan for Smart Delivery Management

    The Tookan integration with Shopify grows your business by seamlessly weaving together, order management and delivery management softwares. Tookan and Shopify integration brings guaranteed ROI and put your business operations on autopilot. Every time you receive an order on Shopify it will automatically be pushed to Tookan and further auto-assigned to your delivery boys. This […]

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    Let customers track their orders in real-time, like Dominos & Uber

    I survive on Pizza. I despise it for the ever-increasing numbers on the scale. I order more than necessary and sometimes even twice. Regretfully thrice. But, I order it from Dominos only. The many Italian restaurants found in the city, boasting menu as varied and flourishing food-ordering websites, ensuring delivery within 45 minutes and massive […]

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    Cut delivery distance by 32,400 miles with Route Optimization

    Imagine a family enjoying a meal together. They dig into moist baked chicken and fresh vegetable salad which was delivered by your company. With so many people depending on you to deliver fresh and frozen food in a timely fashion, route optimization becomes a necessity. If you are a business still using maps with directions […]

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    Food On Demand: Business Models of Meal Delivery Startups


    Food startups in the on-demand economy have a simple psychological appeal – they promise to buy us time and save us effort. They more than deliver convenience as a simple service attribute, they deliver convenience across every customer touch-point. Convenience research has identified five specific opportunities for convenience tech to buy people time and save […]

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    Save up to $24,000 on fuel costs per year

    Entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to cut costs as it is an essential part to make a business more profitable. If you own a business that involves home deliveries to customers, then you might be worried about making profits due to high fuel costs. Telling your drivers not to use more fuel is surely […]

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    Delight your customers and drastically reduce the follow-up calls

    Customer is the most important aspect for any business. This phrase becomes even more meaningful in the on-demand economy. With changing trends, people want businesses to serve them at their doorstep and this is where the struggle to serve customers in a better way starts. Studies reveal that 70% of people want to be updated […]

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    61% consumers are willing to pay more for the same-day delivery

    The old saying “Time is Money” holds even more truth in today’s on demand economy. The delivery sector is one such business segment which needs to be re-structured in order to save time and money for businesses and make sure that they serve their customers efficiently. Numbers don’t lie and here are few stats which […]

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    Tips to efficiently manage your deliveries


    Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others To keep pace with an increasingly competitive world, your business needs to run as efficiently as possible. Sooner or later any company not operating efficiently will be out of the race. When it comes to delivering goods to the customers, it is very important […]

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