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Delight your customers and drastically reduce the follow-up calls

By Arsh Singh 11th December 2015

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Customer is the most important aspect for any business. This phrase becomes even more meaningful in the on-demand economy. With changing trends, people want businesses to serve them at their doorstep and this is where the struggle to serve customers in a better way starts.

Studies reveal that 70% of people want to be updated about the estimated delivery time for a product or a service provider to reach their location. The best way to be in touch with a customer and keep him informed about the status of his order is by providing him a live map based tracking or by keeping a user informed about every step in the processing journey through text notifications.

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In order to improve your delivery system, you might need some software. Let’s know a bit about Tookan – the intuitive delivery management software which follows both these approaches and that’s what has made it so successful in the on-demand space. Tookan sends automated SMS and email notifications which help your customers stay up-to-date right from the order request to final delivery, making you more accountable for the work you do and the responsibility you handle regarding their delivery. On top of that, Tookan also provides real-time tracking to the customers which take things to the next level. This helps customers gain trust in your services and attracts first time customers to become returning ones.

Real-time tracking of the order is shown on a map based interface which reduces the degree of uncertainty.

A grocery delivery company started using Tookan for managing their deliveries. In just 3 weeks their customer follow-up calls reduced to 50% and today after 6 weeks, they barely get an enquiry call from the customer, asking for their delivery. It is clear to the management, about how delighted their customers are and how important Tookan is for their business. This has lead to a huge reduction in the overhead costs (less staffing) and directly impacted the bottom line (higher profits).

There’s no doubt in the fact that Tookan has helped hundreds of on-demand startups to serve its customers in a better way. Are you using Tookan to delight your customers?

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