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Cut delivery distance by 32,400 miles with Route Optimization

By Arsh Singh 10th February 2016

Tookan: Delivery Management Software

Imagine a family enjoying a meal together. They dig into moist baked chicken and fresh vegetable salad which was delivered by your company. With so many people depending on you to deliver fresh and frozen food in a timely fashion, route optimization becomes a necessity.

If you are a business still using maps with directions laid out on a paper, then the competition will surpass sooner than you can imagine. With the changing technology and introduction of delivery management softwares, businesses understand the importance of route optimization for improving business efficiency. Manually planning the route of your deliveries can have an adverse affect on your operations:

  • Drivers are more likely to make mistakes.
  • More likely to crash: Drivers may try to plan their routes as they drive, leaving room for inefficiencies.
  • Reduced productivity: Productivity is lesser than normal, as they are trying to plan routes.
  • Overtime and late deliveries: Extra time is spent planning routes. resulting into late deliveries.

Make route planning easier for you and your drivers with Tookan:

In a short space of time, It’s nearly impossible for a driver to make those calculations manually and reach the best decision. But often they try, based on gut feeling and experience. While the business might be getting by, this leaves a lot of room for wastage and inefficiencies.

Tookan: a delivery management solution understood the problem and came up with a premium feature ‘Route Optimization’ which allows you to efficiently optimize the routes. Saving both time and money.

You may not need Tookan if:

  • You don’t want to keep a track or improve customer services.
  • You don’t care about fuel savings, as you have high profits.
  • You do not want to save 5-30% on total logistic costs.
  • You are not bothered where your drivers are during the business hours.
  • You are happy with the routes you have been following over the time.
  • You are happy doing the endless paperwork and stressful scheduling.

And you definitely do not need Tookan if:

  • If you do not want to save time
  • And if you do not want to increase profits (you will see how much money you are wasting, reduction in miles, fuel and overall costs)

Tookan can significantly help increasing the efficiency and productivity while simultaneously reducing cost. The results using Tookan are staggering:

Routing Optimization with Tookan Delivery Management Solution

Businesses spend around 2 hours daily, planning route for drivers, who all together travel approx 750 miles a day and around 270,000 mile per year. In contrast, Tookan provides you with optimized routes in minutes, saving you huge 90 miles a day and 32,400 miles per year, saving staggering 12% in fuel costs.

Routing Optimization with Tookan Delivery Management SolutionNot to forget other benefits like lesser CO2 footprint, proper resource utilization and increased service levels, all of this leading to delighted customers.

To know more about Route Optimization with Tookan reach us at: contact@tookanapp.com or Sign Up for free.

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