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Let customers track their orders in real-time, like Dominos & Uber

By Arsh Singh 27th February 2016

Tookan: Delivery Management Solution

I survive on Pizza. I despise it for the ever-increasing numbers on the scale. I order more than necessary and sometimes even twice. Regretfully thrice. But, I order it from Dominos only. The many Italian restaurants found in the city, boasting menu as varied and flourishing food-ordering websites, ensuring delivery within 45 minutes and massive discounts, couldn’t lure me away. One might raise eyebrows, however, many feel alike. The sole reason for this unquestionable loyalty- efficient delivery and tracking system.

Over the weekend gone by, sitting in my laziness and winters making matters worse, I went online to place my food order. I opened Dominos, I opened Zomato, Foodpanda and few other restaurant websites. I fiddled with the plethora of options. And yet again, it unbalanced my cognitive equilibrium. And yet again I ordered from Dominos. What happened during this unbalancing period?

  1. I knew for certain that the food will arrive within 30 minutes if I order from Dominos.
  2. I thought if it does not, I can badger for discount.
  3. Most importantly, I was aware I can track the preparation and delivery part.

As a customer, it provides a certainty and slights the impatience that I experience in absence of any reminder. With the tracking system in place, I feel my need being taken care with utmost priority. I feel connected with the system on my screen as it answers the only question I care to be answered in that moment.

Tookan: Delivery Management Solution

As for Dominos, one might think that with greater and stronger competitors in the market, its market share and turnover must have dwindled. The truth is, with the introduction of the tracking system Dominos saw an increase of 20% to 40%, depending upon the region, in its sales. This system helped increase its market share. The customer retention and loyalty saw an upward spike with time. Dominos after experiencing higher profitability through this system increased its investment in technology and now the customers can check the status even on their smart TVs.

While Dominos show you step by step progress, Uber takes things to the next level by showing the real-time placement of the car/ order on the map. You can estimate exactly when your car or package will arrive by visually looking at the map and more precisely by ETA.

Tookan: Delivery Management Solution

Tookan for businesses is that need-based product which has pioneered these tracking systems. Tookan allows you to give your customer the power of real-time tracking.  It helps generate powerful customer loyalty and even greater turnover for the businesses.

One does not have to be a part F&B industry to tap on the potential of tracking systems. Businesses need to identify the areas that can benefit from such implementation. Tookan with its in house team of experts with requisite knowledge and experience can help identify these potential areas.  The benefits are too high to be ignored. Such system will not only increase business efficiencies with an eye on long term gains and sustainability, but also provide an edge among the competitors.

Tookan is not just a product, it is an investment in much required technology. And this investment is sure to fetch intelligent business houses its rewards.

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