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Save 88% of your dispatching time with Tookan’s Auto Assignment Feature

By Arsh Singh 5th January 2015

Tookan - Delivery Mnagement Software

“When nobody knows who’s doing what, and when someone doesn’t feel ultimately responsible for driving work forward, the work may not happen at all.”

Let’s say there were two agents and few tasks, one person may think the other has the ball, and vice versa. The work may never get done, and even worse, the blame game may start.

This is where Auto Assignment comes in. If a manager manually assign the tasks to the agents, it might occur that more work is assigned to him than he can do in time available. Over allocation leads to missing some important deadlines or overtime. Below are some differences between the manual and auto assignment:

Tookan - Delivery Management Software
Let’s know a little about how Tookan can help manage your deliveries in a more efficient way.

Tookan – an intuitive delivery management software empowers your business to manage deliveries, simultaneously automating most of your operational tasks like task assignment for future or same day deliveries – giving you time to do what you do best.

The auto assignment feature allows you to cater to the on-demand deliveries. Just add a task and leave the rest to Tookan. If you have enabled auto assignment than an appropriate agent will automatically be assigned to all your incoming orders. There are predefined set of parameters according to which the deliveries are assigned to the agents, like nearest or available agent. We keep updating these parameters based on business requirements.

You can also set the push notification which is sent to the agents, based on your business requirements in following two ways:

  • One by One — Request goes to one agent (nearest & available) first and if the timer runs out or if the agent declines the task, it goes to the second best option. You can set the timer in the workflows.
  • Send to all — Request is sent to all the available agents and whosoever accepts/ acknowledges the task first will receive it.

As per our research with 100+ businesses, we figured it takes around 8 minutes to assign a task manually i.e. without any delivery management software. Let’s say you do 100 tasks a day manually. Tookan can bring this down to 5 seconds (or less) by automating the whole process. In worst case scenario, let’s assume that it takes 1 minute to assign a task using Tookan:

Let’s do the math:

  • Time saved per task 7 minutes
  • Time saved per day 700 minutes
  • Time saved per month 21,000 minutes

That’s astonishing 88% dispatching time saved.

Tookan eliminates all the stressful paperwork and chaos, while allocating the tasks in the most efficient manner for faster deliveries.

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