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Top 4 things to know before buying a CRM Software

By Madhura Yale 13th March 2019

The needs and requirements of every business are unique. Selecting a CRM software that best suits your business use case has to be a perfect balance of the cost involved, the features you need and the plan you have for your business in the future. Pricing of CRM solutions vary from free forever plan to $20 per month per user, but some plans that claim “free forever” might not deliver all the functionality that is needed for you to grow. It is very important that you choose a solution that can scale as your business grows instead of fulfilling your current needs.

To help you give a better understanding of which Software is a right choice for you, we have shortlisted some criteria that might help you decide.

1. Do you have teams that work remotely or not physically around all the time?

CRM solution is a strategy that helps business stay connected to customers and potential customers, streamline business process and ultimately increase profitability. A CRM platform will help your remote teams focus on the business relationship with individuals like colleagues, suppliers or any business stakeholders.

CRM gives an average of $8.71 for every $1 spent – what an awesome ROI percentage! Source: Nucleus Research

2. Do you rely on sales teams that are often on the road?

Managing a remote sales team has its own set of challenges. It is important to stay on top of the sales flow, identify and maximize every sales opportunity and facilitate collaboration between team members. A CRM platform makes it easy to keep everyone connected to your business irrespective of their location. It also helps you

  • Facilitates planning and forecasting that helps you understand your pipeline
  • Lead assignment and contact management of potential clients
  • Collateral, proposal and document management

Per salesperson, a CRM can increase revenue by a whopping 41%!!! Source: Nucleus research

3. Is your business scaling up quickly?

While the benefits of CRM software are many, here are the basic benefits that a business can immediately realize by switching over to a CRM software Sales, marketing, and customer service teams enhance their efficiency Analytical data and reporting are greatly improved Maximize up-selling and cross-selling Create—and keep—loyal customers Enhanced sales, increased revenues.

CRM technology will be the single largest revenue area of spending on enterprise software. Source: Gartner

4. Do you need a better customer service experience?

CRM software enables you to get a holistic view of your customer. This can then be used to create highly personalized offers based on their interests, purchase history and more. CRM software helps to keep in touch great customer experience is impossible without ongoing and meaningful communication. Proactive listening to customers’ needs millennial customers  is very talkative, sharing opinions and information about pro ducts through various communication channels, it is better proactively listening to what he or she has to say! Creating personal relationships by personalizing your communication, you will see how your customers’ perception of your company starts to improve.

Three out of four consumers say they spent more money with a company because of a positive customer experience Source: Global Customer Service study

If you responded yes to at least three of the four questions above, chances are your business will benefit from implementing a cloud-based CRM solution.

The Bulbul advantage
Always being a sales and customer-driven organization, we were looking for the right CRM that would fit a business use case. We built Bulbul for managing sales team internally and it has proved to be an effective customer relationship management solution. It helped us increase productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness. A cloud-based solution like Bulbul can not only streamline the way your company operates, but also increase revenue while decreasing your costs. If you’re looking to scale your business to the next level, Bulbul can help you streamline your business process and grow rapidly.

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