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How Bulbul’s Latest Enhancements are Helping Sales Teams Be More Efficient

By Deepak Digwal 11th August 2020

The sales team plays a key role in generating revenue for the company and retaining customers. They function as the bridge between the organisation and the customer base and help the organisation understand the requirements of the customer. Salespeople pitch a product or service to the client and help maintain customer relationships. As they generate leads, they also establish the brand identity in the minds of the clients. It is therefore of utmost importance that the sales team has the tools required to execute their job with efficiency.

What is Bulbul?

Bulbul is an intelligent sales CRM system that offers robust features that drives productivity and improves performance. The software helps the sales team shorten the sales cycle through its communication and team-collaboration facilities.

Bulbul sorts sales-leads by owner and action points, allowing the team to track the sales cycle with precision. It generates comprehensive reports that enable the team to identify weaknesses and address them immediately. With the latest product enhancements, Bulbul has made it easier than ever for sales teams to run efficiently.

Power of CRM and Invoicing

An effective CRM system helps an organisation by providing client details, aiding client communication and providing analytics. Bulbul now offers an in-built invoicing system that allows you to bill your clients directly through the app. Browse the existing set of templates and modify them as per your requirements. Having all communication, billing and leads tracking on one application allows the sales team to save time and stay up to date on all tasks. They no longer have to worry about missing out on leads.

Work Round The Clock With Dark Theme

With the sales team forced to work from home in this pandemic, it is important to provide them with facilities that make their work experience as comfortable as possible. Bulbul now offers a dark theme for those who love to work during the nights. The dark theme reduces the strain on the eye in low-light conditions and makes it easier to read and process data at all hours of the day. Don’t let anything stand in the way of achieving your full work potential.

Manage A Call Centre On The Go

As a precautionary measure during the pandemic, most offices are shut down or working in a limited capacity. As a result, call centres and BPOs have been unable to work at full capacity. With the new Bulbul enhancements, the customer support team can carry out the full extent of their responsibilities without compromising their safety. Bulbul offers integrated chat support, email setup and cloud-based telephone options. This allows the team to stay connected with their clients irrespective of their location. With all communication and data being tracked on one app, the team no longer has to worry about tracking interactions and following up with customers.

Make the best of these new latest Bulbul enhancements and improve the productivity and efficiency of the sales team. Adopt Bulbul and watch your company grow!

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