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6 ways Knowlarity contributes to making Bulbul- A Smart CRM

By Tannu Sharma 27th March 2020

Your business success depends upon how far you can go to connect with your leads and convert them at the right time. Putting up good efforts to market your brand is a pressing necessity to deal with the tough competition but channelizing the results to drive your ROI is uttermost important.

CRM holds strong importance in any business sales process. It not only allows you to get a systematic lead flow but also helps in identifying and categorizing the leads in a better way. 

In this write-up, we will discuss how a smart collaboration between Knowlarity( AI Cloud Telephony Solution) and Bulbul ( Sales CRM) brings the results in an unexpected manner. 

For those, who are new connectors with us, must know that Bulbul is an efficient sales CRM that helps a business to keep its sales revenue high with better customer services. From data integration to getting data-packed details, it has covered all for your business smooth sales process. 

Knowlarity: Why it is a smart decision to integrate it with Bulbul?

Knowlarity, as mentioned above, is an AI Cloud Telephony Solution that excels in offering advanced features of calling via virtual number, IVR, progressive dialing and many more. The decision to integrate it into an existing CRM; Bulbul helps the latter to add more proficiency in its operational processes. 

Here is how Bulbul become a perfect example of leading the revenue game with the help of Knowlarity!

Swift Channelization of multiple client communications!

When you are into the sales process, you need to be on the toes at every hour of the day. Onsite or offsite, you need to offer your availability to your prosperous clients. However, prior to the integration, sometimes it was difficult to get easy access to all the business conversations. But with the Knowlartiy platform, it becomes a seamless task to let your salesperson take the calls via the distributed call center mobile app, even being remote from the workplace. 

This one feature adds maximum competency of the sales team by offering them the flexibility to initiate the conversations at the customer’s preferred time. Moreover, the pre-built feature of cal recordings helps in getting all the pieces of conversation together. 

Your data is safe!

If you ask any business, what is their biggest fear in the competition, they would tell you about the nightmare of losing the important data. Though technology has been kind enough to help the businesses save their essential data but still the fear of losing it exists. To make sure that data stored with Bulbul remains secure and safe, Knowlarity plays an important role. The underlying role of Knowlartiy helps in keeping the customer credentials and other information intact with zero maintenance. 

The assistance continues for the whole day! 

When you are in the competition, you are always under the radar of performing better than ever. This simply refers to the need of your availability among your customers. However, on practical grounds, it might be exhausting to stay online 24×7  for assisting the customers. To combat this challenge, Knowlarity contributes to offer a chance to keep yourselves round the clock available on any day of the year. This means, you are never out of the competition and are always connective to your upcoming business lead.

Data- packed analytical reports are available to access!

Data handling can become an easy task when Bulbul and Knowlartiy join their hands to make data accessible in one click. You can create a customized analytical dashboard and can get the hand-picked CRM suite with relevant data at your fingertips. This process owes to help a sales process target and retarget the right set of leads at the right time. 

Give your customers a better and remarkable experience!

Every business thrives to retain its customers and help them to feel comfortable and connected with their services. Knowlarity helps in bringing that X-factor to live in your business. With offering custom greetings in customer’s regional languages, it helps in ensuring that every customer reaching to CRM will get a personalized and oriented IVR response. Bulbul is widely operating worldwide with global customers. Integration of customized IVR contributes to making the customers get a sense of belongingness with the business. 

Ditching the Demographic Constrictions!

Above all, letting your business get a cover over the whole globe is a smart decision. Knowlarity does the same for you. Bulbul is getting an international exposure to customer’s connections by having virtual international numbers. Now, skip the idea of setting up different office branches in various locations. All you have to do is to own Bulbul. Its smart integration with Knowlarity will help you to make your business reach to any part of the globe. 

The future

Any business that decides to pick Bulbul as its CRM suite will definitely reach heights in less time. If you are owning a business and is progressive about making it reach success, connect with our team. We will help you to outshine the competition!

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